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Real life story on Perspectives

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

It is not ‘what happens to you in life decides you’ but how do you see it’ defines you.

A young talented guitarist was kicked out from the band in 1983. This heavy metal band was about to sign a big contract. There was no explanation, no notice. He was just fired out.

Pain that drives

He had nowhere to go. He couldn’t understand what just happened to him. On the way back from New York to LA, he was crying with all pain in his heart.

The rolling tears had no reason to fall on the cheek, yet rolled down with no break. His talent was of no use. He was empty, just a failure.

His pain started triggering revenge. A productive revenge. He promised himself to become bigger than the band that kicked him.

He visualized to be on TV everywhere and thought to make it undigestible for those who insulted him. He thought to be on the biggest stage performing live shows.

It was ‘Dave Mustaine.” His band “Megadeth has become one of the finest bands. He had live shows all over the world. Megadeth sold 38 million records worldwide earning platinum certification in the US for six of its fifteen studio albums.

Megadeth also received twelve Grammy nominations.

Fast forward to 2003.

In one of the interviews, Dave said that he still thinks that he is a failure. The band that kicked him out ‘Metallica’ was bigger than his band. He couldn’t digest the fact that Metallica was still better than him.

His life and achievements are definitely a dream for many musicians. He had almost every dream fulfilled. Yet he wasn’t happy. For Dave, it was to get bigger than Metallica. His other feats were no match.

His measurement stick was Metallica. What is your measurement stick? Is it somebody’s success? Are you measuring your worth based on how better you are compared to others?

This method will always keep you on track just behind the person you are comparing with.

They could be your inspiration.

Do not get obsessed with what and how others are succeeding. Life is very short. It gets over with a blink of an eye. Walk your own journey. Leave positive, and inspiring footprints.

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