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  • I see some eligibility criteria such as one minute stay in some asanas. Why it is important? I can't do some of them for one minute. Can I apply?
    You are expected to have some proficiency to some level. In order to give you a sense of what could be the expected level, we have this criteria. If you are unable to stay for a min in one or two asanas due to some physical limitations, that is okay. However, you will need a sufficient level before starting the advanced yoga teacher training.
  • I am already an advanced Yoga practitioner. Can I take 300-hour Training without taking 200 Hour training?
    No. You will have to take a 200 hour training from any good Yoga school (including Samyak Yoga). It is not advisable to decide for yourself that you are an advanced yoga practitioner. 200-Hour training covers (at least some good schools) the fundamentals and we take it forward in 300-Hour Training. Read: How to choose a school for Yoga Teacher Training?
  • Can I take a 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training?
    There are some schools offering 200-hour training (level 1) and 300-Hour Training (level 2) courses. Some schools blend both the courses and offer 500-Hour Training. Our courses are intensive and it is recommended to take 200 Hour training first and then taking 300 Hour training. Personally, I recommend taking first 200 Hour and then 300-Hour training. It helps you really deepening your practice & teaching.
  • I see that 200 Hour training is also happening while we are in 300 Hour training. Do we have the classes with 200 Hour training students?
    No. Even though we have two courses running at the same time, both courses are different. You will not be practicing with 200-Hour training students. Your practice sessions are different from that of 200 Hour training sessions.
  • What is Samyak Yoga Alumni discount?
    If you have completed 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Samyak Yoga you have an alumni discount. It is 5,000 INR for Indian nationals and 200 Euros for Non-Indians.
  • What is Purvabhyasa?
    This is a preparation for Yoga Teacher Training. Once the registration fee is paid, you will log in to your dashboard. You will see a section 'Purvabhyasa This includes the videos, podcasts as well as .pdfs. All of these are to prepare for Yoga Teacher Training.
  • How do I choose my Yoga Teacher Training style?
    We offer YTTs in three different styles. How to know what's the best suitable style for you? Here is the detailed, compared article that can help you. You can take the quiz in this article to conclude about your style.
  • Is it safe for a single female traveler to travel alone?
    It is entirely safe to travel to Samyak Yoga. We arrange the transportation from the airport as soon as you arrive at the arrival gate of the airport. We do not outsource the facility. Instead, the drivers we send are known for a long time. They are safe to travel with.
  • When should I have my flight back at the end of the training?
    Generally, the last ceremony will complete before breakfast on the 28th of the month. The check-out is at 10:00 AM on the last day. You can schedule your flight back the same day after 6:00 PM, keeping the traffic and waiting time at the airport in mind.
  • Can I follow my Vegan food preferences?
    Though we have a delicious food menu prepared under the guidance of Ayurveda doctors, we do have options for students who prefer a Vegan diet. Some students have lactose/gluten intolerance. Though the food options are minimal, we try our best to offer delicious food options during your training.
  • What can I do during my day-off?
    You will have a break from the classes on the 7th, 14th and 21st of the training month. You can visit Mysore city, get some massage, go shopping or just stay back at the Ashram. You will be guided in detail at the reception of the Ashram.
  • I may have some virtual meetings to attend and some zoom calls to take during the training. Is it okay?
    NO. Please note that it is not possible to attend any virtual meeting or zoom calls to take during the training. Even though we understand the work pressure in the today's world, this is not possible. After covid-19 pandemic, everyone comes with these questions. We have built this entire ashram in order to create a completely focused yoga practice and philosophy. You are expected to completely focus on yoga practice and philosophy and utilise the time for your inner journey.
  • How to apply for Yoga Teacher Training?
    Visit the Yoga Style menu (Hatha/Ashtanga /Vinyasa). You will see the upcoming yoga courses listed there. Click on the one you like to join. Select the ticket (twin-sharing or private), fill out the registration form and complete the checkout of the registration fee. You will get the 'Purvabhyasa' preparation platform access via email along with a receipt of the payment, which also mentions the remaining due.
  • Should I wait for other students during pick up at the airport?
    No, you do not need to. One of our drivers will be waiting for you at the arrival gate with the signboard of Samyak Yoga. As soon as you arrive, he will assist you with transportation. This is applicable even if you arrive at midnight.
  • What about Money Exchange?
    You can make any remaining payment at Samyak Yoga in any currency. However, you will need some INR for your shopping. You can exchange your currency into INR during your visit to Mysore city during your day off.
  • I am an NRI/OCI. Do I avail Indian fee?
    No. If you hold OCI/NRI, you won’t be able to get the Indian fee structure. If you are living in India and earning in India, only then the Indian fee structure is applicable for you.
  • What does this fee exclude?
    The fee excludes the following: Transfer after Yoga Teacher Training Your shopping during the day-off Laundry (Service available with an extra cost) & other extra things if you want during the training
  • What is Early Bird discount and why is it there?
    An Early Bird discount is available for select accommodations in each course. Be sure to check the details when booking your stay, as some rooms offer discounted rates if reserved in advance. Although there is no fixed period for early bird booking, a limited number of rooms or slots are set aside for those who wish to book early for their training. Taking advantage of these early bird discounts allows you to secure a lower price and gives you ample time to prepare for your training.
  • Yoga Teacher Training Fee
    The fee for Yoga Teacher Training depends on accommodation you choose and the room you select. Please check the details here:
  • What does this fee include?
    The fee includes the following: Accommodation (depending on what they choose) 3 Meals & Snacks Transfer from the Airport (Bangalore/Mysore Airport) Wifi Training Materials (YTTC Manual, T-Shirt, Yoga Bag, Neti Pot, Note Book & Pen) Yoga Teacher Training Eligibility to register with Yoga Alliance
  • What is tax? And how much is it?
    The tax is called GST (goods & service tax) introduced by govt of India in 2018. For yoga services, there is 18% tax added to the fee that is paid to Samyak Yoga. Therefore, if you are paying 299 Euros as the registration fee, the total amount will be 361.64 Euros with taxes.
  • If I postpone to a future training after paying the registration fee, what fee structure will then be applicable?
    You can postpone your participation due to extra-ordinary circumstances. It is upto the management of the institution to take a final call. This is possible 30 days before the training only. You won't be able to reschedule/cancel the participation in the last 30 days under any circumstance.
  • Why do you have a special fee for Indians?
    The intent here is not to discriminate based on nationality. We have been trying to spread Yoga to the young generation in India. However, for many reasons, there is still a reluctance to take Yoga practice seriously. One of the hurdles is also due to the economical viability of Yoga classes in India. There are lesser Yoga studios and shalas compared to the west. Therefore, we are keeping the prices as low as possible to people who earn here in India so that they can also get into the mainstream of Yoga practices.
  • Can I do Karma Yoga or any collaboration for the fee reduction?
    No. There is no collaboration or Karma Yoga is expected from you during the training. You will be one of the students, like everyone else. However, you can definitely contribute in the experience of the training with your skills.
  • How do I proceed with the registration?
    Please visit the details of the training you are interested. Click on register. This leads to selecting the accommodation you would like to book. After selecting the accommodation, it takes you to registration form. Fill the form and proceed for check out. Once you complete the registration fee payment, you will get a detailed email with regards to your training along with the receipt also referring to the remaining balance. Course Fee: Online: The second payment is course fee. We will send you an invoice if you would like to pay online. Cash: You can pay in cash in any major currency upon arrival at the office. Please note that you won't be able to pay online upon arrival.
  • Do I get any discount other than mentioned above?
    No. We do not have any other discount for Yoga Teacher Training. Most of the income generated by Yoga Teacher Training goes into the development of Gurukula system of education (a non-profit Indian education system). Therefore, we do not have any other discounts offered.
  • Do I get the money refunded if I am unable to participate in the training for any reason?
    Registration fee is refunded if requested at least 60 days before the training begins. Registration Fee minus taxes + 25 % of the Reg Fee (maintenance fee) will be refunded back. Under special cases, the registration can be transferred to a future training. In this case, you will need to inform at least one month before the course begins. You won't be able to transfer the registration in the last 30 days before the training begins.
  • I am not interested in Yoga Teacher Training. However, I would like to attend a few classes. Do you offer any open classes?
    No. A Yoga Ashram is a place wherein the practice, teaching and discussions related to Yoga take place. A Yoga Ashram is not a religious place. Samyak Yoga Ashram is specifically established for professional Yoga Teacher Training Courses and the entire team is completely committed to it.
  • Is it a Hindu religious place wherein I might have to follow certain religious practices?
    No. A Yoga Ashram is where yoga practice, teaching and discussions occur. A Yoga Ashram is not a religious place. Samyak Yoga Ashram is established explicitly for professional Yoga Teacher Training Courses, and the entire team is completely committed to it.
  • Should I specifically prepare for the training?
    After the registration fee is received, you will receive something called 'Purvabhyasa Deepika' to prepare for the training. This Purvabhyasa Deepika includes videos, audio files, and PDFs to prepare for the training. It is available once you pay the registration fee. You can log in and check your dashboard.
  • Can I stay at Samyak Yoga Ashram as long as I want? If so, is there any activity that I could follow?
    No. You can’t stay as long you want in Samyak Yoga Ashram. As mentioned above, Samyak Yoga Ashram is a Yoga destination where Yoga Teacher Training Courses are taught most often every month. The team at Samyak Yoga is very committed to it and there are no other programs offered at the moment.
  • Can I stay in the Ashram and practice being a Samyak Yoga Alumnus?
    Yes you can. Please pay 1500 INR/day for the meals & accommodation. Teaching & Practice is free. You can pay some donation as you think its right. P.S. This is applicable only for Samyak Yoga Alumni.
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