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What to expect from Yoga Teacher Training Courses

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

No two Yoga Teacher Training Courses from two schools are the same. There are a lot of Yoga Teacher Training Courses along with many varieties of it.

Therefore, it is always difficult for the student to know what to expect.

India is definitely the top-most priority of every Yogi to practice the true/traditional Yoga practice from the source.

However, it is harder to find what we expect as the variety has a vastness here.

Briefly, the Yoga Teacher Training Courses can be classified based on the syllabus used during the training as below:

Some Yoga Ashrams are running the Yoga Teacher Training / Yoga Certification Courses which consist a large chunk of time dedicated to Kirtans and Philosophy.

There are Yoga Teacher Training Courses based on Bhakti Yoga wherein the maximum amount of time is dedicated to sing and chant the devotional songs.

Yoga Teacher Training is a journey of a Yoga student on the path of a Yoga Teacher.

There are some western Yoga Schools mostly influenced by the Yoga Anatomy/Anatomical aspects of asanas, Pranayama etc.

As per their perspective, modern scientific understanding of asanas is the right way of knowing Yoga.

The evolution of a Yoga Teacher is nothing but the evolution of a Yoga student.

As per our students’ explanations about other training courses that they have attended in the past, there are other schools that focus on the practice of asanas with a moderate amount of time spent on Philosophy, Kirtans & Yoga Anatomy.

I believe you need to have everything in balance. Yoga Teacher Training allows a student to discover the teacher within.

You need to have Philosophy, Kirtans, Yoga Anatomy, Practice, and other aspects too.

One aspect missing in these is the practice of teaching Yoga. You should practice teaching Yoga for two reasons.

1. The practice of teaching Yoga builds your foundation of Yoga knowledge stronger.

2. This is the first real step into the world of teaching Yoga.

At Samyak Yoga, we do have singing kirtans. We do teach Yoga Anatomy. Our sessions on Yoga Philosophy are very interesting and it helps in bringing Yoga into Life.

However, you should get all these aspects of becoming a Yoga teacher.

But building the Yoga practice and gradually building the practice of teaching Yoga i.e. Asanas, Pranayama & Meditation primarily should be the major focus of Yoga.

Always look out for improving the practice of asanas, pranayama, and meditation during the training.

While making sure that you get the opportunity to teach Yoga under the guidance of the teachers during the training so that you start building the Yoga Teacher within you.

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