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Deepavali - The Festival of Lights


The much-awaited festival of Deepavali, also known as Diwali, is just around the corner & will be celebrated on November 12, 2023. ‘Vali’ means ‘Rows’ & Deepa refers to ‘Lights’.

Therefore, Deepavali literally means ‘rows of lights’ and is fondly called ‘The festival of lights’. This festival is strongly associated with rituals, traditions and festive fervour across the length & breadth of India.


Mythology behind Deepavali

The narrative of Diwali originates from the Ramayana when Lord Rama returned from his exile of 14 long years. It was nightfall, but Rama’s presence illuminated the darkness. There was a grand celebration, and people rejoiced on the streets carrying lamps to welcome back Lord Rama.

Sharing sweets is a symbolic ritual of dissolving bitterness and replacing it with the sweetness of renewed friendships.

This along with exchanging gifts, family feasts & bonhomie, new clothes, community gatherings, lighting lamps, bursting crackers and worshipping Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth, are the order of the day.

Significance of Deepavali

Universally celebrated as the triumph of light over darkness, the earthen lamp used during the festival is a beautiful reminder of joy, wisdom, knowledge and prosperity. The lamp Is more than just a customary festive addition. It is symbolic of the real lamp that lives within each of us.

We need to ignite our inner lamp with the goodness of hope, happiness & knowledge & that is the true essence of this celebration.

On the surface, one lamp alone cannot brighten a home; you need many lamps to radiate light and dispel darkness. This is the reason why many lamps are lit in rows outside houses.

Lesson from Deepavali

A meaningful correlation that applies to each of us is to eradicate negativity. As individuals, we need to come together as a collective community and light our inner lamps with the promise of happiness & knowledge. Only then can our society collectively progress.

When we experience darkness in our lives, we seek the light of clarity and wisdom—that’s a universal message for all seasonal celebrations, including Deepavali.

The wick has to be partly dipped in oil for an oil lamp to burn. If fully immersed in oil, it cannot burn & bring light. Our lives, too, are like the wick of the lamp; if we drown in the trap of the materialistic world and get carried away, we can never acquire true wisdom & happiness.

On the flip side, by actively using our knowledge to choose wisely, we can be the light of truth & happiness. Every lamp we light symbolises our good qualities and those we admire in our family, friends & extended community. It is a reminder to reflect & appreciate the collective goodness of people that has the unique ability to unite societies.


The more lamps lit help dispel the darkness of ignorance and awaken wisdom, knowledge and prosperity.

When homes are decorated with many lamps on the auspicious occasion of Diwali, they communicate this philosophical truth of life.

To light the lamp of happiness in our hearts and share this light through our radiant smiles with others. Make a conscious attempt to shed all negativity, worries & regrets of the past and consciously awaken to the present with the promise of a brand-new start.

This attitude dissolves any existing bitterness, replaces it with the sweetness of renewed friendships & relationships & sets the tone for a promising new start.

Our Samyak family extends to each of you a warm & happy Deepavali. May your lives be awakened with truth, light & happiness on this auspicious festival of light.

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