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May the Light conquer the Darkness

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

In India, at 9 pm today everyone in the sub-continent was lighting the lights for nine minutes.

This is a ray of hope, a symbolic gesture.

It is an effort by everyone that was changing the mindset, bringing such warmth around.

During this difficult time of the Covid-19 pandemic wherein humanity is losing countless lives every day, this was a small effort together to ignite hope.

I was able to witness a sudden change around and everyone was joyful and talking positively that we will fight together. There was unity, there was togetherness and there was a lot of hope.

This is the primary work of a Yogi i.e. trying to remove darkness and the light shines from within.

We the Yogis and Yoginis are the worshippers of light, hope, and positivity. We know that in the end light conquers the darkness.

Often light may appear to be overshadowed by the darkness. Then assume that it is not the end. The end is always with the victory of the light.

Let us be more sensitive to others’ needs during this difficult time. Let us try to spread positive-ness.

Let us be the torchbearers of hope. Be thankful for this challenge and for the courage to fight over it. Let us keep our body-mind so awake that we learn the best lessons from this difficult situation.

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