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10 ways to help you calm your mind

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Here are 10 ways to help you calm your mind. Keeping the mind calm is not easy. Boiling the mind is one of the main reasons for losing health and immunity. You need to relax and calm your mind.

But How? It is harder than we think. Here are some tips that could work for you.

10 ways to help you calm your mind

1. Set Routines:

Setting routines might sound like a recipe for boredom, but it helps instil a daily sense of peace in our minds.

When we have set routines, we have fewer decisions to make during the day. This frees up space in our minds for bigger and more important tasks.

2. Notice the Judgemental You:

While many fear judgement from others, the harshest criticisms we experience are often self-inflicted. Nothing can stress the mind and create chaos like internal self-judgements, so pay attention to your thought patterns and notice when your inner critic makes noise.

Awareness of these thoughts as they occur is the first and most important step towards replacing criticism with calm.

3. No Self-Pessimism:

We can’t necessarily stop ourselves from experiencing negative self-talk and beliefs, but we can distance ourselves from them.

Using the phrase “I notice that I’m judging myself harshly for forgetting that file this morning” whenever we identify a negative self-judgment or belief helps us see these beliefs for what they are: opinions rather than facts.

4. Imbibe Self-Compassion:

Once we can notice our self-criticisms and judgements at the moment, we have a chance to practice self-compassion.

This means acknowledging and accepting reality and extending the same kind of compassion to ourselves that we would to a good friend in our situation. 

5. Write Journal:

Writing is a great way to get our thoughts out of our heads and onto paper. Penning down our most stressful thoughts and worries daily is similar to talking to someone about them.

By journaling, you’re giving yourself the chance to process your thoughts and feelings and express them in a safe, private space.

6. Maintain To-Do List:

Writing down the list is the best option to avoid the chaos of thoughts regarding what to do.

Most of the time, the things to do pop up and disturb us from being in the present, so create a To-Do list and act as per the order in the list to avoid mental stress.

7. Contemplate:

Contemplation on breath, soft music or silence has several positive effects on the mind and body. Reducing the fluctuations of the mind through contemplation helps combat stress's physical and emotional effects.

It has lasting benefits that affect your productivity and your ability to relax. Set aside time to meditate for just 10 minutes a day and experience the benefits for yourself.

8. Express Gratitude:

When things go wrong in life, our focus naturally tunnels up towards negativity more than the positive around it.

Make time in your life to be grateful for simple things that can help reinstate a balanced perspective on our day-to-day experience.

9. Do not Compare:

Everyone is different, and not all actions will result in the same results. So do not compare your mental state with others.

Comparison creates chaos and stress. This puts you in a competitive mode, and the thoughts start diffusing negative energy.

10. Think Creative:

Be aware as you practice the above suggestions and keep witnessing the changes in your mental state.

Be creative and see how you can add up to the above suggestions and make your life better and your mind calm.

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