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The Mantra that can transform your life!

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

The Mantra is the energy vibration, nature’s revelation of reality through the Yogis.

But often Mantra is also defined as a motto or a foundation which his or her life stands upon.

There is a Shloka, a Sanskrit poem written by an anonymous writer with simple words that put life’s message.

This Shloka (a Sanskrit poem) can be the mantra of every human being and if so, heaven is brought to the planet earth.

Life on earth can be simple, beautiful, and divine.

Here is the Shloka:

jeevane yaavat

Let us be able to give more than what we receive in life. This is the only prayer I offer each and every second and hope the divine fulfills it. 

There have been so many people working for us and supporting our existence.

Even if I am eating an apple fruit. There are farmers who grow the apples, people who transport, people who supply the fuel and vehicles for transportation, people who made the shops to sell the apples, people who taught me how to earn money to buy an apple, and so on.

These chains of events are behind every small or big thing happening in our life.

Life is full of gratefulness. There are countless blessings leading to life often we think crafted on our own.

Let the ego be away from me and allow the prayer to be in the heart.

The prayer of remembering all the blessings and working on giving back to countless people so that this privilege of so many blessings be passed on to people around and to the next generation.

Giving back is beautiful and this is the only way to fulfill life’s purpose.

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