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What is the Philosophy of Yoga School?

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

What is the philosophy of Yoga at Samyak Yoga School during Yoga Teacher Training?

We are often encountered with this question and I always wanted to present it to everyone.

To put it simply, we do not have one. Patanjali’s philosophy is our philosophy.

We do not have any other philosophy and even if we have, they do not come in during the sessions of Yoga Teacher Training.

Philosophy of Samyak Yoga

As a Yoga School, we are trying our best to present Yoga Philosophy as it is the Philosophy of Yoga as explained in the Vedas, Upanishads, in Gita, by Patanjali and other great teachers. It is our sole effort to bring you the philosophy and practice as it is, not the way we think.

You are not here during the training at Samyak Yoga in Mysore to know what do we think about a particular topic.

You are not here all the way from your country to know my individual opinion about a part of Yoga practice and philosophy.

You are here to know what Yoga Philosophy is in its most possible authentic form.

As a Yoga Teacher, I might fail sometimes in presenting the precise philosophy due to my communication, or language barrier, or an example less suitable.

But as a Yoga Teacher, I should and will always try to bring the Yoga Philosophy in its most authentic form so that you know what the Yoga Philosophy is, and not an individual Yoga teacher’s opinion about Yoga philosophy is.

We the teachers at Samyak Yoga hope and try every day to bring you the Philosophy of Yoga as it is.

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