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Chin Mudra : Fascinating Yoga Philosophy behind Practice

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Chin Mudra is one of the most popular words in the yoga world after “Namaste”.

Though one of the easiest to practice, Chin Mudra is used in all forms of meditation techniques.

What is the meaning of Chinmudra?

ChinMudra is the combination of two words, Chit and Mudra wherein Chit is Consciousness, Mudra is a gesture.

Chin Mudra Practice:

The tip of the thumb touches the tip of the index finger while other fingers are left free. The connection of the tip of these two fingers makes it Chin Mudra.

It is very fascinating to know that only human beings are able to do this simple practice.

Even the apes, the most similar animal among all won’t be able to touch the tip of the thumb to the tip of the index finger!

The ability to do Chin Mudra was one of the milestones of human achievements as this led to greater coordination of the fingers.

The ability to perform a lot with fingers had bought confidence and changed the approach of the human being towards life.

If the last three fingers left freely are stretched and kept straight, the same practice is named as “Jnana Mudra“.

The Philosophy of Chin Mudra practice:

Every finger has a deeper connection with the subtle layers of human existence with regard to Yoga Philosophy.

The little finger is an expression of the physical body while the ring finger is connected with the emotions of the human mind.

Doesn’t it make sense of the ring wearing ceremony of soul mates?

The middle finger is the expression of the intellect which is the bundle of reasoning and ego.

The index finger expresses the consciousness that is inside the human system while the thumb is an expression of supreme consciousness.

Now, Samadhi or complete unification of body-mind-soul which is the goal of the yogic journey happens only when the individual consciousness reaches beyond the body, emotions, and intellect and reaches the supreme consciousnesses.

Each meditation should make us aware of our true self, should bring inner happiness, leading to the light shining inside.

The light that shines inside should get widen and be able to shelter other souls.

This is the goal of the Yogic journey which begins with the simplest practice of Chin Mudra.

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