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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is over. Am I a Yoga Teacher now?

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

No, you are not. 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training can be a good foundation for you to explore the practice & philosophy of Yoga if you are opting a good yoga school.

It can bring out the teacher in you if they have sessions on teaching yoga every day.  But one-month training is not something that makes you a yoga teacher.

Then, how many hours of teacher training is required?

Even 1000 Hour training is not enough you won’t have the passion.

But if you have the passion, knowledge and the way to communicate, you will succeed in teaching.

You can’t compare Yoga training with other professional training courses.

Often you find a teacher teaching a great class after 200 Hour training while some pathetic classes even after a few years of teaching.

When should I start teaching after the training? 

You should teach right after the training. It is not because you are ready to teach.

It is because you are ready to learn now how to teach. You will refine your teaching every day.

I will first focus on practice and then by next year, I will teach. What do you think?

Teaching and practice, though they are connected, are different frames. You can be a great practitioner.

But to harness your skills of teaching, you need to teach on a regular basis.

If you have gained the confidence of teaching during your teacher training, then waiting for a few months to begin the teaching can make it harder.

Teaching and practice can go hand in hand.

Two ways to refine your teaching skills.

1. The first and foremost after the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training is to teach wherever there is a possibility.

Grab the opportunity to teach because you want to learn “how to teach”. This experience of teaching different people enhances the quality of teaching.

2. Attend different classes with teachers who are good at their teaching. Observe their classes.

If possible teach classes while asking them to watch. You can also use the videos of you teaching Yoga classes.

Even after 10 years of practice, following a legendary tradition, being a disciple of someone, travelling to India, and practising with many teachers won’t help unless you teach the classes.

Happy practising and teaching Yoga.

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