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Ayurvedic Tips To Improve Your Energy

So often we think of what our lives would seem like if we had more energy. Ironically, our high-energy lifestyle fosters anxiety, depletes Ojas (the primary source of subtle strength, immunity & vitality) and leaves us feeling low.

The truth is we live in a modern world filled with distractions and information overload. Naturally, we tend to get caught up with our fast-paced life resulting in barely any time for self-care & renewal.

According to the science of Ayurveda, the function of the digestive fire (Agni) is to generate energy.

The digestive fire stimulates the digestion of food into nourishment and digests our daily life experiences into nourishing thoughts & emotions. So when our digestive fire is strong, energy is created.

On the contrary, when the digestive fire is weak, the ingested food becomes toxic (Ama). This results in an imbalance of the doshas, and you feel fatigued and low on energy.

Ayurveda can improve vitality & long-term well-being since it recommends developing & nurturing a more balanced relationship with energy.

First, identifying & exploring the energy imbalances that can affect your doshas differently is essential to address the root cause. You may notice a few of these symptoms depending on your dosha type.


While Vata enjoys activity & movement, excess of this can drain energy. Vatas are high on energy for short intervals, after which their energy hits an all-time low.

This results in tiredness & restlessness. Eating regular warm, cooked foods with spices like black pepper can kindle the inner digestive fire.

A sleep routine can help boost energy & so can dietary choices that introduce warmth & stability.


The nature of Pitta inclines towards excessive planning, thinking & vigorous activity. Pittas initially draw a lot of excitement from their projects, but eventually, this resulted in more than what they could handle. Eventually, burnout & irritability is inevitable.

Taking short breaks at work. Restorative movements and avoiding overeating can replenish your energy too. Learning to surrender & moderation is key to balancing Pitta.


A sustained period of inactivity is most often the reason for fatigue. Known to have sluggish digestion, Kaphas need to watch what they eat and not overeat, which will result in fatigue, energy slump & heaviness.

Drinking warm teas with spices like ginger, cloves, and cinnamon& consuming invigorating foods can keep your metabolism up. Opt for more vigorous exercises to activate your energies.

So how can you integrate, create and maintain your energy daily? Here are some practical & realistic lifestyle swaps you can choose to make now

  1. Wake up early & begin your day with meditation to tap into your energy reserve for the day.

  2. Opt for some form of movement to get the digestive fire burning throughout the day. Choose a vigorous or a gentle style of movement, depending on the season.

  3. Eat depending on your hunger levels in the morning. For Vata & Pittas a hearty & grounding breakfast works best. Kaphas benefit most from a light breakfast or Ayurvedic teas.

  4. Eat your biggest meal in the middle of the day. The amount of food & type of food will vary throughout the year. Avoid overeating.

  5. Eat Prana-rich seasonal and fresh food always. Pay attention to food combinations.

  6. Opt for an evening routine to wind down, including a few Pranayama practices. This helps restore the energy consumed during the day.

  7. Avoid processed foods, stimulant drinks like coffee or tea & conversations that drain your energy, especially during your evening routine.

  8. Consider a cleanse to reset your Agni. Cleansing gives the physiology a chance to detox & rejuvenate.

  9. Get to bed before or at 10.30 pm latest this will help maximise recovery overnight, so you feel energised the following day. This is also critical to protecting the quality of your Ojas and significantly impacts vitality, rejuvenation and effective removal of toxins.

Your vitality is indeed linked to the health of your Ojas, Agni & Prana. While each of us has a personal relationship with these elements, the path towards health is unique.

So follow your heart, listen to your gut and celebrate every moment of your best life that will positively impact your lifestyle and touch the lives of those around you too.

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