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Online Yoga Classes – the New Normal?

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

When Covid-19 hit us last year in March 2020, we did not realize its intensity. We did not see what’s coming up.

The entire humanity is forced to see life with a new perception. Everything we thought precious has suddenly become useless. Nature took us back to the roots and has shown us what is essential is priceless.

The life, health, food and bondage of the closed ones are the new definitions of wealth today.

Online Yoga Classes

Though online Yoga class aren’t a new thing, it really took its pace once the lockdown has become a new normal. When we all had to be stuck at home, a lot of Yoga Teachers started offering online classes.

Many of these classes were a boon as we would never have attended these classes physically in the Yoga studio due to many reasons.

Therefore, it was a great opportunity for students as well as the teachers to share the knowledge of Yoga with the support of technology.

Tips before taking an online Yoga Class/Training

 1. Choose the right online Yoga Class/training

As soon as online Yoga started booming, there was almost everyone who was familiar with Yoga started teaching online classes.

Otten, you will see the teacher not having enough knowledge in Yoga. You may also see a Yoga teacher who’s good at Yoga while struggling to teach it online as it is completely a new challenge.

Find the right Online Yoga Class/Training. Read the reviews of other students before signing up for training. If they are offering a free class/trial class do take the advantage of it. Make sure you know what you are committing for.

2. Listen to your body

This aspect was one of the most significant advantages of an online class I think. In the residential courses here at Samyak Yoga Campus, I often see the students not completely listening as they know that I am there to assist and help.

In the online Yoga classes, it is not the same case. You do not have the teacher next to you to assist you. You will have to really listen to your body. If there is some pain, you should know to stop.

You will have to be aware of the pain due to the stretch or the pain due to an overstretching of the muscles. You will start developing a new awareness of listening to what your body says.

3. Listen to the Teacher

This is another advantage of an online class. You will fully listen to the cues of the teacher. There is no other way to evolve in the practice. If you listen and implement, you will make a progress. Therefore, listen to every cue and try to work on what the teacher is offering.

4. Know when to stop

Pushing yourself in the practice to make a progress is one thing while pushing beyond the limit without preparation is another. This can lead to injuries. Every asana needs some preparations. Some you may already have it.

Some preparations need you to spend time on. Without necessary preparations, if you are pushing to ‘nail’ the asana, you will end up injured. Do not be lazy. But definitely know when the body needs to stop in a particular asana.

5. Be a part of the Online Community

As you are not physically being a part of that community, try to engage yourself by being part of that online community.

Follow their social media accounts, be an active part of their WhatsApp or Facebook groups so that you will be inspired to learn more and develop your practice.

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