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Independence & Freedom

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

The existence of any being is cognized with identities. We humans especially, depend on different identities like physical form, colour, citizenship, ethnic and religious identity to recognize, appreciate or criticize the existence of oneself and others.

Once upon a time, there was a civilization that flourished on the banks of seven rivers and it marked its own identity.

Traders from this geographical location crossed oceans and people on the other side of the ocean well identified this land and people from this land as ‘Sapta Sindhus’.

Historical evolution brought changes in the pronunciation of Sapta Sindu to Hapta Hindu and from Hapta Hindu to Hindusthan.

As time passed, this wealthy and prosperous ‘Hindusthan’ lured many to own everything on this land and reap the fruits of ownership. In that combat for ownership, Hindusthan was named ‘INDIA’. The word India is an identity given to a geographical land among many owned by the British then.

Image Source: Maps of India
Image Source: Maps of India

From then on, the identity of India and Indians started changing every cell of the existence of human beings on this land.

The land where humans were identified for the greatness of wisdom, culture, and wealth, the land where humans classified each other into communities based on responsibilities and profession slowly withered away in the name of friendship and slavery to the masters who owned this land and people.

That identity of slavery did not last long, people rebelled, fought the battle for free thinking and free will. Freedom became the birthright and responsibility for the generation that fought the battle of ownership.

It was 70 years ago, on the 15th of August, 1947 that we celebrated the first victory of freedom and to call our-self independent.

In other words, the masters who owned this land came in agreement with few friends of India to give up the ownership to whom we today call Indians and leave India physically.

Yes, they left; they indeed have left behind the scars of slavery and memories of their own which we are still celebrating by identifying this geographical boundary as INDIA.

Nevertheless, we, as a nation, were given the free will to choose our lifestyle and shape our cultural and geographical identity.

Our education system did not mind reconsidering the identity that this land was recognized for.

Rather the masters who took over after the British were, unfortunately, knowingly or unknowingly retained the attitude of being a slave and accordingly shaped this country the way it is today.

As a nation, we have indeed won the battle of Independence but, as an individual being of this nation, every individual being is yet to realize that we are interdependent and freedom is not a celebration rather it is a responsibility to recognize one’s own true identity and mark a lifestyle that will guide us towards mutual growth and prosperity.

Let unity blossom in every mind and let all ideological differences be sorted out for the betterment of humanity all over the world and not for the betterment of anyone nation, anyone political, cultural, or religious ideology or individual.

Let wisdom flourish! Let humanity unite!


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