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Can I teach Yoga after Teacher Training?

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Passion for Yoga Teaching

Passion is the key to teach Yoga. This might sound philosophical, but if you don’t have the passion to teach and share this knowledge, you will end up feeling like another fitness trainer. You might feel out of the place after a few months or years of teaching. It has to come from your heart. Though it will be commercially viable, the goal of teaching yoga shouldn’t be the commercial gains. Your goal is to share what you love and name, money comes along. this is the key to success in all fields as a matter of fact.

Preparation for Yoga Teacher Training

Practice well before you decide to take yoga teacher training. – How to keep a regular Practice – Tips & Techniques

Go to different studios and take different Yoga classes with teachers. Find out the best style suitable for you. If you have a good yoga teacher, you feel connected to his/her teaching, keep practicing with the same teacher. Try to observe the alignments, breathing, and be aware of the results of proper, regular practice.

Make research for best Yoga Teacher Training

Once you have a proper practice, make research on a proper Yoga School for your training. There are different standards followed by different schools.

The goal of some teacher training schools to give you a proper understanding of the postures and practice of different classes. Some might focus on the philosophy of Yoga, Meditation, or often singing and Bhakti Yoga.

If you want to deepen your understanding of the practice of postures and Yoga anatomy, take the teacher training which focuses on Yoga Anatomy and Alignment. Look at the syllabus of Yoga Teacher Training that Yoga Schools are offering and choose the best that is available.

When you are thinking to become a Yoga Teacher, you should get the opportunities to teach Yoga during the training and get feedback from the lead yoga teachers. The practice of teaching Yoga is the key order to become a Yoga Teacher.

Often Yoga schools claim to provide all information such as Ayurveda, Buddhism, Shamanism, Tantra, Bhakti Yoga, Gita, Upanishads, etc, and unable to focus on training the participants on how to teach Yoga. Hence thorough research, as well as discussion with the teachers of the school, would be beneficial.

You also have to keep in mind that the Yoga School is registered with Yoga Alliance as most often you need the registration as RYT 200.

But just because a Yoga School is registered with Yoga Alliance, the school does not have to be the best one.

Yoga Alliance does not look into their Teacher Training Structure. Therefore, spend some time to understand the teacher training structure of the school.

“Be present” in Teacher Training

Try to shed all your ego when you arrive in Yoga Teacher Training. Keep your intellect fresh to observe, absorb, and analyze the teaching every day.

There will be days your body or mind says “I can’t” and often leading to “can I really do this!” Yes! There will also be days the philosophical sessions asking you to analyze your own understanding of you and the world outside.

Keep a journal and write down the thoughts arising in the mind every day. Be committed and try not to get distracted by anything apart from the goal of learning how to teach.

 Take an Extra step to get more in the training

Often your approach to the practice and teaching of Yoga during the training leads the teacher to give you the feedback.

Take an extra step to talk to the teachers, ask questions, get the real feedback of your classes.

Give an impression to the teacher that you are focused on and very much interested in learning how to teach Yoga.

After your Yoga Teacher Training

Teaching Yoga is different from practicing. You might have seen wonderful practitioners and their teaching might not be the same. Do not wait thinking that you are not ready.  

Teach Yoga in Dance Schools, Parks, Nursing Schools, Country Clubs, Hospitals, etc. to keep your teaching going. Teach wherever it is possible.

Teach free classes, donation-based classes, and grab all opportunities to keep your Yoga teaching regularly.

Make an online presence

Create a website. Often you can get a free, simple website for time being. There are a lot of websites offering free websites.

You can also create a simple blog using Google blogger or word press. Your online presence would help the Yoga community to notice you.

Approach the nearest Yoga Studios

Approach Yoga Studios at the location you live in.

Do not make a telephone call. It is better to approach them directly and Talk to them.

Most often it works!  They might ask you to take a few classes in the studios before hiring you.

Keep practicing and preparing Yoga Class Modules

Even after your official beginning of Yoga teaching, do not stop practicing. Keep a regular practice of Asanas and Pranayama.

Always spend some time to prepare creative class sequences. Be passionate to practice and teach every time on the mat.

Finally, teach from the heart and spread the Love and Light. After all, it’s the Love and Light you want to share through your yoga classes.

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