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Course Fee - Yoga Teacher Training Courses

Please select the accommodation that you selected during the registration

  • Course Fee - Private Accommodation

    This is the Second Payment - Private Accommodation
    • Please use the Coupon code if you are an Early Bird
  • Course Fee - Twin Sharing

    This is the Second Payment for twin-sharing accommodation.
    • Please use the Coupon code if you are an Early Bird
  • Private Room only

    300-Hour Training - Course Fee

    Course Fee - 300 Hour Training (Private Accommodation only)
    • Please use the Coupon code if you are an Early Bird

After you pay the Preparation Fee...

Please select the training properly. Once you pay the registration fee, you will receive an email confirmation. You can log in to get access to your dashboard.


Click on the 'Purvabhyasa' for the preparation required before the training begins.

What is Purvābhyāśa?

Purvabhyasa is to prepare for Yoga Teacher Training. As you know, this is intensive yoga teacher training. One should have proper preparation before the training begins. 

Then the question will be: what kind of preparation? Should we practice asanas? The practice of Pranayama or study some books? 

After the registration fee is paid, you can log into the dashboard. Check on the right side top for 'Purvabhyasa' depending on your teacher training style. 

If you have applied for Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training, you will see 'Purvabhyasa - Ashtanga', Hatha Yoga or Vinyasa Yoga if you have signed up for those courses. 

You will see some videos, audio, and PDF files to prepare for the training. This is accessible to you even after the teacher training is completed. 

We hope you are better prepared for the training and that your time at Samyak Yoga is fruitful. 

- Namaste -

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