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Yoga Teacher Training Courses offered by Samyak Yoga Institute are intensive immersion in the traditional methods of Yoga practice and philosophy. Both our residential courses as well as Online Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga are structured based on traditional wisdom with professional execution.


Yogacharya Rakesh

Founder-Director, Samyak Yoga

Being the founder-director of Samyak Yoga, Yogacharya Rakesh leads all the Yoga Teacher Training Courses. During your training, you will be directly guided by Yogacharya Rakesh. Studied in a traditional system of Yogic monastery, Yogacharya Rakesh has been training Yoga Teachers since 2011. He is also a ‘Yoga Vaidurya’ awardee.

Webinar on Zoom

“Samyoga Talks”- Monthly Webinar

Samyoga Talks has been very successful as every one is keen on exploring beyond the studies of Yoga Teacher Training. In the last four webinars we have discussed about ‘Asana Mythology’, Gita – Practical Guide for life Lessons’, Gita – Beyond Bhagavad Gita’ and ‘Mudras – The journey into Spiritual Healing’ 

Samyoga Yoga Talks - Monthly webinar

Residential Yoga Teacher Training at the Yoga Campus

  • Samyak Yoga is situated on the outskirts of Mysore
  • Situated away from the city crowd. Safe even during the pandemic times
  • Ayurveda based food system
  • Private, Spacious, WiFi-enabled Accommodations
  • International Hygiene standards maintained
  • Professional Yoga Teacher Training
  • International Accreditation from Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance Professionals
  • Training at one of the best-rated Yoga Schools in the world





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Reviews by Former Students

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Why are we best-rated Yoga Ashram in India?





There are many Yoga styles and so are the Yoga schools. It is always a hard task to find the best Yoga Teacher Training school that suits your expectations and requirements of the Yoga Teacher-profession. There are a lot of articles too on how to choose a Yoga Teacher Training and what are the factors to consider.

At Samyak Yoga Teacher Training, you will find a well-planned structure behind the training. We understand that it has been a life-long dream for many of our students to take this training and we make it no-nonsense. Every aspect of teacher training has only two purposes i.e. to deepen your practice and learn how to teach.

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