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Yogaśikṣā abhyāsa

Refresher course for Samyak Yoga Alumni


Yogaśikṣā abhyāsa

For Samyak Yoga Alumni only

Yoga Teacher Training is often insufficient to explore everything you want to learn. It would be either due to the limited duration of the training, or it can also be because of subjects you would like to explore. 


Yoga Shiksha Abhyasa Program is for you then. 

What do you learn?

  • Yoga asana practice sessions in the teacher training

  • Asana Clinic Sessions

  • Study of a Yoga Text or selected sections of Yoga studies (customized for each individual)

  • Working as a part of the teaching team and offering your assistance in the growth of Samyak Yoga based on your skillset. 

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Know more about Yogaśikṣā abhyāsa

  • This program is open to Samyak Yoga Alumni only. 

  • You must have completed a Yoga Teacher Training (in any style) at least six months before applying for the Internship. 

  • The sessions mentioned above are mandatory (They are not optional). 

  • You will be volunteering to assist in enhancing the quality of the Samyak Yoga Family through your skillset contributions. 

  • The Internship is depending on the availability of seats. 


For details: please reach out via email. 

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