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Tips & Things to know

Arrival & Departure

P.S. It won’t be possible to leave just a day before. At Samyak Yoga, we take every session seriously and structured appropriately. Please do keep that in the mind while booking your flights.


200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is a four-week long training. You can arrive a day in advance with a nominal extra cost. Please refer to the email for the cost details. Arriving a day earlier helps you in getting used to the weather, to get used to the place and food too.


However, it won’t be possible to accommodate you at the end of the training as most often we would be expecting another group of students for Yoga Teacher Training. The last session completes at 8:30 AM on the last day and you can schedule your flight on the same day after 18:00 (6:00 PM) in the evening.

Daily Requirements


Samyak Yoga ashram is equipped with WiFi facility. You can bring your Phone/Tab/Laptop etc. for your surfing when required. Though we recommend you to get less external impact during the journey within, you may require every now and then. However, we do not have any workstation for the students. You will have to carry the required devices along with you.


We have the laundry facility for which you are required to make a refundable deposit at the beginning of the training. The money used will be deducted at the end and will be given back to you. You can also wash your clothes in your room on your own.

A Small Shop

You can buy the required stuff such as washing powder, pens, toothbrush etc for your daily life from the store in the office. The brands of the products may vary. Hence, if you are particular about a specific brand it is advisable to bring them along.

Food during Yoga Teacher Training

The progress of Yoga practice does not depend on the practice only. It is significantly dependent on the type of food we eat. There are the following factors in making the food Yogic.


The quality of the fruits, nuts, and vegetables we use an impact. We should be well-aware of the source of the food. Hence, at Samyak Yoga Ashram, we bring directly from the local farmers. They literally worship the farming.


The process of making the food too is a significant part. The Chef while preparing should be happy and joyful. The mind involved in the preparation of the food influences the outcome.

The concept behind

The food is prepared based on the type of Yoga practice involved. You should have all the three qualities of Ayurveda i.e. Vata, Pitta and Kapha in their proportion. The food menu created in such a way that it is delicious and nourishes all dimensions of the system.

The consumption

The way of eating the food is also significant. At Samyak Yoga Ashram, we all sit together like a family and enjoy the food. When shared with others, the heart opens and helps in bringing energy and light within.


How does it work?

Transportation is included on the day training begins and even the day earlier. You can even arrive at midnight/early morning. 

One of the staff members with a taxi will be waiting for you at the arrival gate with the signboard of your name. He will take you directly to the Ashram. 

Organising Transportation

Transportation from the airport is included in the course fee.  Once you confirm your participation by making the registration fee payment, share your arrival details such as the Flight Name, Number, Date and Time of arrival.

The details of the staff such as Name, Photo, Phone numbers will be shared with you in advance so that it will be easier to find him when you come out at the arrival gate.

Yoga Alliance Certification

Samyak Yoga has been helping individuals to find out the Yoga Teacher within since 2011. More than 1200 students across 80 nationalities have refined their skills of teaching Yoga through Love and Light and are proud members of Samyak Yoga Family. Our courses are accredited by Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance Professionals. You will be able to register with either the registry body or both of them after the successful completion of the training. 

Evaluation & Certification

There will be an evaluation of the knowledge gained during the training at both philosophy and practical levels. The certification is, of course, depends on the evaluation. However, it also depends on the sincere effort put on by the student throughout the course. Evaluation is not only on the intellect but on emotions, vital and physical levels too.

This certification makes you eligible to register with Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance Professionals. 

Who can apply for Yoga Teacher Training?

  • A regular practice for a minimum of two years
  • This is physically an intensive training course. Hence you need to be physically fit to participate in the sessions from morning to evening covering around 8 – 8.30 hours a day.
  • Emotionally you need to be strong as different phases of the training can challenge you at different levels.
  • Be prepared to it for two theoretical sessions which are emotional, intellectually very interesting and interactive, physically can be hard.
  • Passionate to question the perspective, practice, and understanding we possess and not to attach to our pre-conceived notions. Avoid the training if any chronic illness, pregnancy, recent surgeries, and under medication for any psychological disorders.

Yoga Teacher Training Courses offered

Below are the three traditional Yoga methods in which we offer Yoga Teacher Training Courses

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