Three Major Courses Offered

Providing Everything You Need

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Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

The early morning practice brings you the traditional style of Hatha Yoga. This practice is built slowly from the first week to the last week. The intensity gets deeper from intermediate to advanced levels of practice.

You will be discovering Subtle Alignments of every asana with its variations, techniques and tips to practice are explored every day in Asana Clinic. As a skilled Hatha Yoga Teacher, you should know the safe practices as well as different levels of teaching the same asanas. It is also important to explore, practice and get the experience of Art of Hands-on Adjustments. These Hands-on Adjustments can really enhance your understanding of asanas and teaching Hatha Yoga.

Astanga Yoga

This course focuses on the practice and teaching methodology of the Primary Series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. The Primary Series includes over 70 asanas (postures), linked sequentially by Vinyasa (breath-initiated movements between the asanas).

The course begins with detailed instruction of the Primary Series practice in the first two weeks and then continues with a morning Mysore style in the third week of the yoga training. The fourth week gives an opportunity for the trainees to teach the Ashtanga Primary Series to the entire group of trainees through which the trainees get ready to teach Ashtanga Yoga and spread the wisdom of Yoga, Light and Love around the world.

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Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga is a method of yoga practised wherein the Asanas are practised in a specific order developed by Sri T Krishnamacharya.