Samyoga Talks

This is a monthly discussion of Samyak Yoga Family focusing on the range of topics that are generally either untouched or superficially discussed in the Yoga Teacher Training courses. This is an effort to expose the Yogis and Yoginis into those areas which can create a new spark in the journey of spiritual life.

“Fundamentals of Shad Darshanas

Exploring Indian Schools of Philosophy

8:30 PM – 10:00 PM (IST)

21 January 2022

Darshanas starting from Yoga Darshana to Vedanta, this Samyoga Talks focuses on all the shad darshanas. This is your complete guide to exploring Shad Darshanas.

Let us explore in Samyoga Talks on Friday at 8:30 PM 9IST)

Darshanas Talk

Nāḍīśuddhi Prāṇāyāma”

Fascinating exploration from traditional sources

8:30 PM – 10:00 PM (IST)

21 December 2021

Nadishuddhi Pranayama is one of the most significant Pranayamas. This discussion sheds light not just on the practice of this pranayama but explores the hidden aspects from the texts such as Hatha Yoga Pradeepika and other texts.

We explored this in Samyoga Talks on Tuesday at 8:30 PM

Nadishuddhi Pranayama - Textual exploration

Puruṣārtha – make your life meaningful” –

21 November 2021 8:30 PM – 10:00 PM (IST) 

How to make our life meaningful? What is the spiritual wisdom to find the meaning of our life? Is there a way where I can find the perfect balance of life wherein my spiritual journey is not hindering my materialistic pleasures?

Let us explore in Samyoga Talks on Sunday at 8:30 PM

Purusharthas - Zoom Webinar

“Upanishads – A Yogi’s Guide” –

8:30 PM – 10:00 PM (IST) – Completed

21 October 2021

What are the Upanishads? Why are they so important? When you talk about Yoga, it is never complete without the understanding of the Upanishads.

In this case, it is a must for a Yogi to know more about the Upanishads. In this talk on the 21st of October, we explore the Upanishads.

Upanishadic Talk

“Mudras – The Journey into Spiritual Healing” – September 21 – Completed

This is going to be fascinating. There are only a few mudras you would use in a yoga class such as “Chin Mudra” “Jnana Mudra” etc. How about other mudras? Are Mudras only related to palms? This is into the world of Mudras on September 21, at 8:30 PM IST

Mudras - Beyond Physical Healing

“Gita – Beyond Bhagavad Gita” – August 21 – Completed

This was an interesting discussion on other Gitas beyond Bhagavad Gita. There are other Gitas even Krishna himself taught Gitas beyond Bhagavad Gita. These were discussed along with the major contents of these Gitas in “Samyoga Talks” on August 21, 2021.

Gita beyond Bhagavad gita

“Gita – Practical Guide for Life Lessons” – July 21 (Completed)

Everyone knows about this magnum-opus book! Yet, this is a challenging text in understanding this song of the divine. This 90 min session completely focused on the background, the structure of the text and lessons of the Gita in our lives.

Samyoga Talks

Asana Mythology – June 21  – COMPLETED

Some asanas are named after Yogis like ‘Ashtavakrasana’ while some after animals like ‘Ushtrasana’. Some are even named after lifeless forms such as dhanurasana. We explored the mythology, lessons for Yoga practitioners in this discussion. This was an interesting perspective to look at the asana practice based on the names of asanas. 

mythology of asanas

What is ‘Samyoga Talks’?

Samyak Yoga Union

It is an effort to get together to learn, explore and share the love and light of the family that consists of over 1800 students around the world.


Donate as much you can or lesser too. This is primarily structured to enhance the knowledge of the community. You can pay from 100 IINR/3 USD and more too.


Know beyond Yoga Teacher Training

We will try to uncover the topics which are not generally touched in the yoga teacher training courses. 

21 of Every month

Starting from June 21st, 2021, we will celebrate International Yoga Day every month by meeting on the 21st of every month.

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