Tantra Vidyā

A Workshop onTantric Wisdom & Practice

An Introductory Workshop on Tantric Wisdom and Unknown Aspects of Tantra.

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04 – 07

February, 2021

13:00 - 14:30 IST

50 Euros / 4500 INR


The word Tantra has become a very popular word and is unfortunately linked to a special sexual experience or black magic. Surprisingly even those who organise tantric workshops know very less about Tantra as a school of philosophy and practice.

So here is an effort to introduce Tantra as a traditional practice which has a huge influence on yoga philosophy and practice. So every Yogic aspirant should have the basic knowledge of Tantra so as to avoid any misconceptions and illusions.









Workshop Fee

EARLY BIRD: 50 Euros or 4500 INR if you register before January 25th 2021.

REGULAR: 60 Euros or 5500 INR if you register on or after January 25th 2021.

SAMYAK YOGA ALUMNI: 40 Euros or 3500 INR if you register before January 25th 2021.​


How to Register?

All you need to do is send an email to samyakyogamysore@gmail.com  or WhatsApp TANTRA’ to +91 9538015757 for more queries before registering.

Workshop Curriculum  

Session 1 – Parichaya

Topic 1: The meaning of the word Tantra
Topic 2: Tantric Cosmology
Topic 3: The 5 cosmic powers and acts

Session 2 – Itihasa

Topic 1: History of Tantra & Introduction to Shaiva Tantra
Topic 2: The Nine main sects of Shaiva Tantra & Kashmir Shaivism
Topic 3: Post Classical Tantra & Hatha Yoga

Session 3 – Deeksha

Topic 1: The Nine main sects of Shaiva Tantra, Kashmir Shaivism & Shrividya
Topic 2: Introduction to ‘Tantra Deeksha’ ( Tantric Initiation for Practicing tantra)

Session 4 – Sadhana

Topic 1: The six steps of Tantric Meditation
Topic 2: Undertaking the Tantric Sadhana by a Modern Practitioner

Meditate in Mysore

What will you learn?

We implore you to clear your mind with any prenotions of Tantra so as to make the orientation effective. This will in turn illuminate the deeper levels of your tantric wisdom.
Yoga, as we all know, is a living tradition of Tantra and unfortunately, those who practise and preach yoga too are unaware of this historical fact.

● Through this orientation, you will be able to rediscover and reintegrate Tantra in your life.
● You will also get a pristine knowledge of many ideas and dogmas that are spreading around in the name of Tantra is not actually what Tantra is all about.
● This orientation will illustrate a view of what Tantra can contribute to our lives today.
● You will be able to learn, identify and execute the most relevant and central tenets of Tantric Tradition.
● You will have a strong foundation of Tantric philosophy that can untangle you from the matrix of ignorance and darkness.
● You will be able to erase the fantasies revolving around Tantra.
● Through this orientation, you will be able to actively engage the higher mind and intellect in all your activities.

What will you get from the Workshop?

  • A participation certificate
  • A workshop manual
  • Recording of all the sessions
  • 10% discount on Teacher Training Courses organized by Samyak Yoga
  • Personal Mantra Initiation on request

(Only for regular yoga Practitioners & who are serious about spiritual sadhana)

Who can Participate?

● Yoga Practitioners & Yoga Teachers
● People interested to know more about Tantra
● People interested to Introduce Yoga & Tantra in their life
● People with basic yogic and tantric wisdom
● Anyone who is interested in using the time to learn something new and useful.

Yogacharya Arvind

About Teacher

Yogacharya Arvind, co-founder and one of the teachers at Samyak Yoga, started his journey towards Yoga, Vedanta, Sanskrit and Scriptural learning from the year 2003.
Blessed by his pradhanacharya (guru) Dr. Ramachandra Bhat ji and other scholars, he pursued his education from Veda Vijnana Gurukulam for 6 years.

After voluntary resignation from a job overseas in the year 2012 he travelled to Tiruvannamalai in Tamilnadu where he had his first spiritual experience in ‘Virupaskha Guha’. In search of more subtle wisdom and practices, he travelled to some parts of Kerala where he got initiated by scholars who practice and follow a tantric lifestyle.

His father being a spiritual practitioner introduced him to Shri Ramanathan Guruji from Palakkad, Kerala, from whom the first mantric initiation into Tantra took place in the year 2007. Yogacharya Arvind calls that as the first subtle Initiation – ‘Sukshma Shaktipata’. From then on, Yogacharya Arvind has a good practice of chanting different Tantric Beeja Mantras.

This workshop conducted exclusively by Yogacharya himself will be an eyeopener for many into the world of Tantra and can demystify the notions and misunderstandings that revolve around Tantra.

Register and fathom the wisdom of Tantra with Yogacharya Arvind from Samyak Yoga

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