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Course Fee: 380 €/440 $/ 30,000 ₹

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+ Traditional Knowledge from the source

200 Hour Online Hatha Yoga Teacher Training – February 2022

3 February – 27 February 2022

Online Hatha Yoga Teacher Training – February 2022 is an intensive yoga teacher training in traditional Hatha Yoga.

We at Samyak Yoga have always been focusing on the traditional methods of learning and did not want to get on to yoga teacher training online. Therefore, we did not do any training in 2020 after covid-19 hit us.

However, as many students insisted, we started off with Hatha Yoga Training in January 2021. We wanted to make sure that the learning is not crippled because of the mode of sharing.

We were really fascinated by the results. Our students have been really keen on learning and have been very regular in their studies. Though the mode is online, we were able to share almost everything that we would do in residential training.

Why should you take this training?

Samyak Yoga is one of the fastest-growing Yoga communities in the world with 2000 + students across 80 nationalities.

Some special features of this training are:

With a very deep sense of responsibility and keeping the quality of what we do in mind, we have created a structure for the online teacher training.

We do not wish to be just teaching you some asanas and pranayama online and disappear.

We have been trying to find the best method to make it as similar as it could have been on-site training here at Samyak Yoga Mysore.

This course structure needs your investment of time and energy every day with an understanding that being a Yoga Teacher is a noble responsibility.

Traditional Hatha Yoga

Not a modern workout Yoga


Professionally trained from Gururkulam – A traditional Yogic Monastery

Yoga Anatomy

In-depth understanding of Body-mechanics useful for practical applications during practice.

Asana Clinics

Explore asanas in detail

Learn to Teach

not just learn asanas

Pranayama & Meditation

Traditional Practice methods to enhance your yogic experience.

Yoga Sutras

Explore directly from Sutras

Be guided

get feedback to improve teaching skills

Course syllabus in detail

Know if it’s the right training for you

Traditional Hatha Yoga with Kamal

Traditional Hatha Yoga Practice

This entire training focuses on traditional Hatha Yoga practice and its philosophy. We do not mix up the styles in the teacher training. You will be learning the classical Hatha yoga practice with its philosophy. However, you will definitely be exposed to Yoga Sutras of Patanjali as Hatha Yoga is the foundation for Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali

Online Yoga

Yoga Anatomy

As a Yoga practitioner and teacher, you should know the anatomy behind the practice. However, these sessions are not about memorizing the complicated muscles.

We discuss how these muscles are used in the asana practice, their functions, the limitations we could face in the practice, how to build the practice using the knowledge of Yoga anatomy are discussed in detail.

Asana Clinic

This is an everyday session that really makes the teacher in you, enhances the yoga practitioner in you.

This session focuses on the practice of every asana, the preparations required, usage of blocks and belts, benefits and limitations, modifications if the student is unable to practice as well as methods to deepen the practice are discussed extensively in this session.

Online Pranayama Classes

Pranayama and Meditation

These are every day sessions. You will be practicing Pranayama and Meditation every day. Besides the practices, you will be exploring the anatomy behind the practice of Pranayamas as well as Pancha Prana and Kosha system of Yoga Philosophy.

You will be practicing the traditional meditation practices in a steady and gradual process. These meditation practices are from the texts of Hatha Yoga.

Daily Time Table



6:30 AM – 7.30 AM – Pranayama, Meditation Practices

7.30 AM – 09:00 AM – Traditional Hatha Yoga Practice



04:00 PM – 5:00 PM – Yoga Philosophy 

5:00 PM – 7:000 PM – Asana Clinic & Teaching Methodology

* Teaching Methodology: There is a system called breakout rooms and you will be teaching in these rooms every alternative day to get better in the teaching practice followed by the feedback from the teachers. 

F.A.Qs – You should know before signing up

What if I am not able to attend some live classes?

After every session, the recorded files are shared with everyone. These files are shared even if you were attending the live sessions. Hence, if you are in a timezone which is not compatible to attend the live sessions, you can still be the part of the training.

Is there any exam at the end of the training?

You will be teaching in the breakout rooms and at the end teaching a session of the class is your exam. If you are not attending this session, you will be asked to send a video of you teaching the class.

Do I get any individual attention in the class?

During the sessions, every student gets individual attention. Besides, you can also share the video of the practice to get feedback via WhatsApp.

Is there any day-off during the training?

Sundays are day-offs dedicated to preparing for the upcoming week with Svadhyaya. Sessions will continue as usual every other day.

How can I learn to be a Yoga Teacher?

Every alternative day, you will be in a breakout room facility in which you will be learning how to teach by teaching. You will also get feedback in improving the teaching skills.

What if I have a question while watching a recorded file?

You will be added to the WhatsApp group made exclusively for this training. You can as questions and get the answers. If your question needs a detailed explanation, then it will be taken in the next session and will be discussed in the session itself.

Understand Asana

Understand all the layers of Asana

Yogacharya Kamal in Marichyasana C

Traditional Hatha Yoga

Explore Beyond Asana

Build your own Sequence of Hatha Yoga

Know Before You Register

  • All sessions are Live and will be on Zoom.
  • You will also get the recorded version after every session in case of missing the sessions.
  • You have the option to hide your video at any time. Zoom may ask you to approve being recorded, but if your video is off no one will see you.
  • It’s essential that you stay muted so that other participants can listen to the teacher without interruption unless asking a question at an appropriate time. You can always email questions with regards to practice and philosophy/WhatsApp too.
  • It may take some time to get the technology working on your end. Again, downloading the Zoom app is recommended. You can also try wireless/Bluetooth headphones if your device’s speakers are not great.
Samyak Family

Teachers & Tradition

Veda Vijnana Gurukulam, an Indian Vedic-Yogic Gurukulam system is the root from which Samyak Yoga has been flourishing as one of the fastest-growing Yoga Families in the world. Our Acharya (Guruji) is Ramchandra Bhatt is the mentor, guiding force behind the development of Samyak Yoga who of course, does not teach in the Teacher Training Courses. It was a blessing to be taught by Acharya, who is the reason behind the dream called “Samyak Yoga”.

Dr Ramachandra Bhat


Yogacharya Rakesh

Director – Lead Teacher

Dr Meghana Narayana

Ayurveda Doctor – Teacher

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