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By Yogacharya Rakesh
February 27, 2017
Interdependence in the web of life

Often I was asked during the Philosophy sessions during the Yoga Teacher Training about the freedom of free will of the human. Is there something called free will for a human being? Or is it Karma that decides everything in our life?

What is the philosophy of a Yoga school?

Yoga explains this complex question with a symbolic expression. It says human life is like a cow tied with a long rope into a tree. The cow has all the freedom to move within the limits of the circumference of the tree. It can’t go beyond as the rope limits the movements.

The philosophy of Yoga explains that there is no independence in human life. Yes, you read it right. You can not be completely independent. But you won’t be completely dependent too.

We are always inter-dependent on each other. My existence as a teacher is dependent on your role as a student and vice-versa. All human relations are like this. Even the food that we eat is a beautiful expression of the inter-dependence. Someone growing the vegetables on his farm is dependent on the market that sells the vegetables whereas we are dependent on the farmer growing the veggies.

There is no one in this web of inter-connection bigger or smaller. Everyone in this circle of interdependence is playing a significant role. While being proud of the role you play in this web of life, you should be able to have respect for the other dimensions of the same web of life.

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