Dr Meghana Narayana

I am one of the teachers at Samyak Yoga Teacher Training Courses, guiding to-be Yoga Teachers in Ayurveda Lifestyle, traditional-textual perspectives on Ayurveda, diet system as well as the lifestyle of a Yoga Teacher. 

Who Am I?

I have been keenly interested in the traditional wisdom of Ayurveda since I was able to understand different fields of knowledge. Naturally, my inclination towards Ayurveda led me to study B.A.M.S (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) at S.D.M. Udupi, situated in Coastal Karnataka.

I was fortunate enough to study Medical Astrology, Spiritual texts and practices with Shripathi Krishna Acharya (popularly known as Guruji among his students in Udupi). This study was a big revelation in understanding spiritual heritage and its impact on human life.

It was a blessing to study Kshara Sutra Surgery with Dr Indubhai M Dave in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. This one-year internship in Ayurvedic surgeries could open many new doors of knowledge for me.

It was time back to complete Doctorate of Medine (Ayurveda Vachaspathi) back in the same college i.e. SDM in Udupi.

Besides teaching and sharing my knowledge with Samyak Yoga students around the world, I have been serving as an Assistant Professor in JSS Ayurveda College and Hospital since 2016.

What Do I offer?

Ayurveda Consultation

Online Consultation of Doshas

Dietary Guidelines

Guiding the practitioners in making their dietary practices

Teaching Ayurveda for a Yogi

In Yoga Teacher Training, I teach Ayurveda which can make the Yoga Teacher understand Yoga Philosophy and practice better.  

Samyak Yoga Family

Be a part of the Samyak Yoga Family, one of the fastest-growing yoga families of practitioners and teachers of Yoga located around the world. 

200 Hour International Yoga Certification
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