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First of all, what kind of Yoga are you practicing?

Most of the time students choose their Yoga Teacher Training Course in relation to the style of Yoga they are practicing. This is the simplest way and the first step.

You will easily find all kind of Yoga Teacher Training Course, Hatha, Ashtanga Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Prana Yoga, Tantric Yoga, Hot Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, the list is expandable each time a new Yoga Style is created.

Once you have chosen your style of Yoga then what do you really want to do?

Do you really want to teach Yoga? If so, can you dedicate four weeks’ time that can transform your yogic journey?

You can decide to go for an intensive Yoga Teacher Training Course on four weeks or do the same number of hours but for several years.

If you do not want to teach Yoga then choose a Yoga Teacher Training course focusing on the practice of Yoga and the philosophy of Yoga. There are Yoga Teacher Training courses that are focusing on the self-realization, or Chakras, or Alignment, or Pranayamas etc. It is important to read carefully the Syllabus of the Course before registering for any Intensive Yoga Teacher Training course.

At Samyak Yoga our focus is on the teaching of Yoga. From the second day of the course, students are required to teach their first yoga class and as all classes are mandatory so you won’t be able to avoid the Group Practice. Even though you do not really want to teach Yoga if you are attending one of our Yoga Teacher Training Course you will have to practice and explore your Yoga Teaching. It is a time during which students are growing and gaining more self-confidence.

Unique Structure of Yoga Teacher Certification

  • Learn Yoga and How to Teach Yoga from a Team of dedicated, passionate Yoga Teachers instead of just one teacher in the whole Yoga Certification Course.
  • Practice Yoga with Yoga Teachers who have studied the Philosophy and Practice of Yoga from an ancient monastery for Indian Education called “Gurukulam”. – See Teachers & Tradition
  • Learn Yoga and How to share Yoga with others in Mysore, India, the birthplace of Yoga.
  • Receive individual feedback regarding your Yoga asana practice from the lead teachers at Samyak Yoga.
  • Opportunity to undertake professional Yoga Teacher Training in an Ashram in India “Samyak Yoga Ashram”.
  • International Yoga Teacher Training Certification from Samyak Yoga (Yoga Alliance, USA 200+hrs & Yoga Alliance UK)
  • Eligibility to get registered with Yoga Alliance, USA  and Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK), as RYT 200 HOURS
  • Yogic cleansing techniques (Jalaneti, Trataka): Yogic Kriyas such as Jalaneti and Trataka are taught which are highly influential in the lives of yogic practitioners.
  • The Art of Adjustments: Adjusting the students is an art. Every posture has its own technique to adjust and assist. when performed professionally with the scientific perspective of Yoga Anatomy, it can be an art. Every day we will have the sessions to discuss every posture in detail with its adjustments so that you will be able to master the art of hands-on adjustments.
  • Group classes: You will get to know how to teach only when you teach. In our courses, from the day 2, you will be teaching your group a few postures which are taught previous day and there will be a feedback to improve and enhance the quality of teaching. You will be teaching the entire group a complete session in the last week and get ready to share the wisdom of yoga to the whole world after the course.
  • Post Yoga Training Support: Samyak Yoga considers every participant as a member of Samyak Yoga Family. We believe that the end of the course is the new beginning of the new yogic life and therefore we will be always available to help you in possible ways even after the course through email, Skype, and other channels. Whenever there is a need for support, you can always turn back to other family members (Samyak teachers and a wonderful group of past students) to help you.
  • Yoga Teacher Training Courses for us is not just a physical training. We believe it can transform the lives. It is always our focus to create the yogic lifestyle with professionalism in teaching Yoga. If you are looking forward to a course that can change the perspective of your life in a positive realm, this course is for YOU.

Samyak Yoga Teacher Training Reviews – Yoga Alliance US

Samyak yoga is the perfect place for yoga teacher training mostly because of their complete dedication to their students. It is a rigorous program, giving you a comprehensive teaching of yoga philosophy, asana, and spiritual practice. The teachers really work hard to help you reach your own understanding of the very complex themes of yoga philosophy. But most of all, I feel that this program FULLY equips you to become a yoga teacher. They provide an enormous amount of feedback–both positive and constructive, so that you can learn how to be an effective, competent, and inspirational teacher to others. Teaching methodology is a very important part of their program. I fully 1000% percent suggest this school to anyone and everyone who has a passion for yoga and desire to share that passion with others!

Alissa McKnight

5 OUT OF 5

Samyak Yoga teacher-training program change my life and fulfilled all my expectations!!! The hole process was amazing experience, and a personal growing. The program was well explain, it provided me a chance to go deeper into my own practice. I feel prepared to go out into the world and teach yoga. Wonderful teachers with a excellent delivery of information. This program has taught me a chance for learning what I love, with spiritual and emotional transformation as well. Highly recommended. NAMASTE Lilian

Lilian Crosbie

5 OUT OF 5

The lessons I learned from this beautiful team of teachers have lasted long after my experience with them. The program was rigorous, genuine and thought-provoking. I had both physical and intellectual challenges while also learning about meditation in practice – it was a new element for me at the time, as I had previously experienced schools that may have acknowledged the importance of philosophy and meditation but didn’t emphasize it as much. I came out changed in ways that have stuck with me, for which I feel gratitude. Thank you Samyak Yoga!

Ivona Kaczynski

5 OUT OF 5

Samyak Yoga offers an absolutely phenomenal training program that provides the student with in-depth knowledge of the asanas, philosophy, anatomy and daily opportunities for hands-on practice! The teachers are wise, funny, supportive, and inspiring. This training was a wonderful experience that allowed for growth as a teacher, a student and a human being in the most picturesque setting imaginable. I loved every minute of it! My deepest gratitude to Trupta, Rakesh, Arvind, and Stephanie!

Olivia Bioni

5 OUT OF 5


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