Awards & Recognitions

Samyak Yoga has been awarded by many Institutions, NGOs (Non-Government Organisations) for Samyak Yoga’s professional training methods with its purity in traditional yoga wisdom. 

Awards in Nutshell

Best Eco-Friendly Yoga Institute

Samyak Yoga (Mysore Yoga Teacher Training Institute) is awarded as India’s ‘Best Eco-Friendly Yoga Institute’ at Leadership Awards, Kolkata

Best Teacher’s Training Institute

Global Scholars Foundation has awarded Samyak Yoga as Best Teachers’ Training Institute in Yoga for its professional training methodology in teaching the traditional wisdom of Yoga

Most Promising Yoga Institute

Samyak Yoga is also the recipient of ‘Most Promising Yoga Institute’ by Silicon India for continuously rated best by the reviews of the students of Samyak Yoga Teacher Training Courses

Awards to Samyak Yoga
Best Teachers' Training
Yogacharya Rakesh speaking at award Ceremony
Yogacharya Rakesh at Awards
Yogacharya Rakesh receiving awards
Yogacharya Rakesh Interview
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