Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Intensive

3 July to 28 July 2020
Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Intensive – July 2020 is a residential Intensive Yoga Teacher Training in Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series at Samyak Yoga, one of the best-rated Yoga Teacher Training destinations located in Mysore, India.
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Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Intensive – July 2020

“Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Intensive – July 2020 is a residential intensive Yoga immersion in the practice and philosophy of Ashtanga Yoga. This 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is a Yoga Alliance-accredited program explores the traditional methods of practicing Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

Ashtanga Yoga is a method of practice based on “Tristhana Krama” which enables the practitioner to synchronise the asanas (Annamaya Kosha) with pre-defined breathing (Pranamaya Kosha) along with Dirshti (Focus – Manomaya Kosha). This style of practice helps you in deepening your journey within through asanas towards the spiritual exploration of oneself.

During the training, we work on two fundamental aspects of being a Yoga Teacher i.e. building your personal practice along with teaching your students. You will be in led primary practice which is purely based on “Vinyasa Krama” of Ashtanga practice (with Vinyasa Counts) and also guiding towards “Mysore Method” while to explore the teacher within, you will be teaching in small groups from day -2.

Residential Intensive

Mysore Yoga Ashram

Traditional Ashtanga Yoga Method

Situated on the banks of Cauvery river, Samyak Yoga Ashram offers a four-week-long training training rooted in Ashtanga Yoga tradition. With serene nature around, accommodations built for Yoga Teacher Training, Ayurveda based delicious food, Samyak Yoga Ashram can assist you in refining your skills of practicing & teaching of Ashtanga Yoga.

Mysore Method

You will be practicing Ashtanga with its Vinyasa Krama and Tristhana Practice. You will also be working on Mysore method of Ashtanga Traditional Practice. These methods of practice assist you in building your practice of Ashtanga comprehensive

Traditional Teachers

Samyak Yoga Teachers have learned the Practice & Philosophy of Yoga from Gurukula system of education wherein the study of Yogic wisdom is in Sanskrit, from the roots, not the translations under Acharya Ramachandra Bhatt.

Teaching Every Day

During this training, you will be teaching every day under the guidance of the teachers. This practice gets intense every following week and brings out the teacher within you.
Moving Inwards


You will also require building your meditation practices. During the training, you will not only be practicing but learn “how to teach Meditation” in order to become a better yoga Teacher.

Pranayama & Kriya

During the training, you will be exploring the techniques of practicing Pranayama. You will also be teaching them so that you will be able to refine the skills of a better Ashtanga Yoga Teacher.

Yoga Ashram

Samyak Yoga Ashram is situated on the outskirts of Mysore, on the banks of Cauvery river. You will be fully focused on the practice & teaching of Ashtanga Yoga without any destraction.

Yoga Teacher Training Fees 

Single Accommodation

Total Cost

400 Euros + 1100 Euros – 1500 Euros (EB)

400 Euros + 1200 Euros – 1600 Euros (Regular)

Registration Fee

To Secure the place

400 Euros

Early Bird Discount

Reg. Fee paid Before

31 March 2020

Course Fee

Early Bird 

1100 Euros

Course Fee

After Early Bird Date

1200 Euros

Yoga Teacher Training Fees 

Twin Accommodation

Total Cost

400 Euros + 800 Euros – 1200 Euros (EB)

400 Euros + 900 Euros – 1300 Euros (Regular)

Registration Fee

To Secure the place

400 Euros

Early Bird Discount

Reg. Fee paid Before

31 March 2020

Course Fee

Early Bird 

800 Euros

Course Fee

After Early Bird Date

900 Euros

Check in & Check out

CHECK IN: 3 July 2020  at Noon,  Lunch Included.

CHECK-OUT: 28 July 2020 at 10:00 AM, Breakfast Included.

Day off:  July 7th, 14th and 21st will have the break for the classes.  You can use this time to visit Mysore or stay back at the Ashram. 

How many students will be in this training?

The training maximum intake is 24 students.

Teacher Training is NOT a Retreat. The students need individual attention in terms of practice and teaching. However, the group should have the number of participants to keep the energy and intensity of the training.

Hence, it is limited to 24 students only.

Registration: How does it work?



Fill up the Registration Form and Submit. We will get back to you with further details and you will be asked if you would like to confirm.


Registration Fee & Welcome Kit

Complete the registration payment using our payment portal using Pay Pal / Bank Transfer. We will get back to you with a “Welcome Kit” which gives an introduction to Ashram, Teachers, tips for packing and preparation for the training.

Remaining Payment & Arrival details

Complete the remaining payment (Course Fee payment) and share your flight name & number, arrival date & time. Your transportation will be arranged,


Your Stay


Tips & Things to Know

Yoga Teacher Training Guide

Yoga Teacher Training includes the transportation from the airport, food and accommodation at Samyak Yoga Ashram. Please visit the link mentioned below for the details which help you in better organising yourself for intensive Yoga Teacher Training. 

Yogacharya Rakesh


“One of the lead Yoga Teachers at Samyak Yoga, Yogacharya Rakesh is popular for his light-filled humorous teaching with subtle practice tools along with traditional perspective towards asana practice”

Yogacharya Arvind


“One of the lead Yoga Teachers at Samyak Yoga, Yogacharya Arvind is popular for his in-depth understanding of practical Yoga Philosophy, deepening traditional Asana practices, advance Pranayama and Meditation techniques”


What past students are saying

The course is extremely well put together, it’s intense but manageable and the standard of teaching is excellent. The accommodation is perfect – simple, but very comfortable and clean and the food is lovely. I researched a lot of courses before I chose this one and I am very glad Samyak was my choice. Trip Advisor
“I would recommend the training program to anyone who wants to fully immerse themselves in yoga to gain a more meaningful personal practice and to have a good foundation for becoming a teacher. The trainers are passionate about yoga and true professionals.” Yoga Alliance
“A beautiful environment where the ashram located:  all green and peaceful with a river passing by… Rooms (individuals) are spacious and equipped with bathroom. The food from breakfast to Dinner, it is delicious. TTC is intense and teachers are remarkably caring” Google

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