Frequently Asked Questions – Yoga Teacher Training

Here is a list of a few frequently asked questions by the Yoga Students traveling to Mysore India to undertake the Yoga Teacher Training with us. You can contact us via email, skype or phone if you have any other specific questions to be answered.

How do I secure my place in Yoga Teacher Training Course?

Please complete the Yoga Teacher Training Registration Form and Submit. After reviewing the Registration Form, you will be contacted by the Samyak team within two working days for more details. Thereafter, you will be guided to make the registration fee payment to secure your place in the course through Payment Options.

Please read our Terms & Conditions before submitting payment. The outstanding fees are payable via bank transfer or on your arrival in India before the initiation ceremony and may be in GBP, US$, AU$, Indian Rupees (INR) or any major currencies.

Fees paid will not be refunded under any circumstances but can be transferred with a prior notice.


Is the Course taught in English?


Will a Course Manual be provided?

Yes, you will be provided with a Yoga Teacher Training Manual which includes Theory and Practical aspects in detail. You will also receive an optional list of additional/recommended reading books during the course, which you can purchase from the local bookstore.

How many students are enrolled in each Teacher Training at one time?

Typically the number of students will be 18 per course at Samyak Yoga teacher training programs.

What should I do with Welcome Kit?

After the registration process is completed, you will receive a “Welcome Kit” which includes all the necessary details of the place, things to bring in and other details about the course with an asana chart. This is to give you an idea of the practice. This is also a preparatory chart for your to practice before the training.

How much homework will I have?

You will have approximately 1 hour of homework per night (this will be at the discretion of your teachers and dependent on individual and group needs). You will be guided to prepare the class module and teach the whole group during the last week of the course.

Will there be a written and practical exam at the end of the Course?

Yes, you will be assessed in both written and teaching evaluation exams at the end of the Course. The assessment exams are structured to meet the standards of the Yoga Alliance USA & Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK).

What accreditation will I receive after completing the Yoga Teacher Training Course?

Upon meeting the attendance and disciplinary requirements of the YTTC, Yoga Alliance USA, Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK) and upon passing written and teaching evaluation exams, you will receive 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification from Samyak Yoga.

Will I be qualified to teach when I graduate and at what level?

Graduates who attend all classes, complete all assignments and pass all assessments will be issued with a certificate and are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance US and Yoga Alliance UK to become an RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) at the 200 hour level. You will learn the skills to manage and teach a group safely and with confidence. Most graduates without prior teaching experience who wish to teach go on to start teaching beginners classes when they return home. We recommend that graduates volunteer as an assistant in their regular yoga class at home and at the same time teach small groups (maybe some of your friends or family) to build up experience. Trainees who are 100% committed during the course and afterwards with their own practice have a very high success rate as teachers.

What if I don’t want to become a yoga teacher after completing the training?

There are always a small number of students who take the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training without the set goal of becoming a teacher. Their reasons for this approach include a sincere desire to go deeper in their personal practice and to gain real knowledge and experience of immersing in a yogic lifestyle, under the guidance and tutelage of a yoga master.

Whatever your personal goals are, Samyak Yoga always welcomes the open-hearted, sincere desire to learn the principles and philosophy of yoga, to achieve liberation.

What if I would like to postpone my registration to another training?

Sometimes, due to unavoidable situations, you may have to transfer your registration to another training. There is no refund of your registration fee or the course fee, but you can transfer your registration to another training.

However, you can postpone the training only if you let us know at least two months prior to the beginning of the first training. In the last two months to the beginning of the training, you won’t be able to transfer the registration to another training.


  • What Kind of Visa is required?

    You should apply for a TOURIST Visa only to visit us for this course and the Purpose stated as “visit to India for tourism to experience yoga in Mysore”, or “visit the Mysore Palace etc.” as the case may be. Please Note that we are not a University and are NOT able to offer Student Visa eligibility. Please do NOT mention “study” in your application form to avoid complications. An Invitation form is not required for Tourist Visa. Contact the Indian Embassy in your country for your tourist visa.

    Contact details of the Indian Embassy in your country can be found here:

  • Do I need to get vaccinations? What about Malaria?

    Vaccinations are not mandatory and we never advise on them, as it is a matter of personal choice. Mosquitos are an issue in most parts of India although Malaria is not predominant in Mysore. Also, there is an abundant supply of repellents locally and you should be okay. But, if you decide to take Malaria medication, please take them well before your trip to get over nausea and sickness that often accompanies such medication.

  • What all do I need to bring? Is stuff available locally?

    Almost all requirements of daily needs are easily available at the store in the Ashram including toiletries.

  • Do I need to bring Yoga mats and Belts?

    Yes. You are required to bring your own Yoga mat. There are belts and blocks in the Shala. However, it is recommended to bring your Yoga belts. You can also bring Yoga towels (not mandatory) to spread on the mat when you sweat and find the mat slippery.

  • What about safety, especially as a single woman traveler?

    Mysore is very safe town and we take special care of your safety while taking care of your transit arrangements. You will feel at home at Samyak Yoga Ashram. So you have nothing to worry about.


Is transportation included in the training fee?

Transportation from Bangalore International Airport to Samyak Yoga is included. The transportation on the ‘Day of Initiation’ / Deeksha (The day training begins) or the day before will be arranged. If you are planning to travel a few days earlier to Mysore, you will have to arrange the transportation on your own.

Transportation at the end of the training is NOT included in the training fee. However, it can be arranged if requested. Please contact the reception during your stay for details. If you would like to book your own transportation at the end of the training, feel free to do so.

Who will be there to receive me in the Airport?

The driver from our transportation team will be there with ‘Your Name – Samyak Yoga’ at the arrival gate of Bangalore International Airport. Please, be patient to read the name and find the driver. He will drop you in the Ashram and you will be received by the reception team in the Ashram.


Is it a single room or Do I need to share my room?

All Accommodations are single occupancy though they are big enough to accommodate two students easily. As the training is intensive, you will need some private time to prepare for your classes and for the practice.

Do you provide Mosquito Nets in the rooms?

No. There aren’t much mosquitoes. But you can always use mosquito repellents which are available at the store. You can also bring your own mosquito nets if required.


What are the meal options?

Complete Vegetarian Food prepared on the basis of Yogic & Ayurvedic concepts of Food aids in complete detoxification of the body and mind which takes place during the Yoga Teacher Training Course. Your food will include breakfast, lunch and dinner and fresh Juices, Yogic drinks on all days including the day offs.

I am a Vegan. Is it OK during the training?

YES. We do have facilities to get the alternative arrangements for vegan food. Please mention to Mr. Sharma during your e-mail conversation.

What if I have more questions about the Yoga Teacher Training?

For many yoga practitioners it’s a dream to undergo a yoga teacher training in India and most of the time it is the first visit to India. Hence, there can be many questions arising in your mind. Do not hesitate to contact via mail or Skype or phone and clarify all the questions. We recommend all our students to get a clear idea of how they are going to spend their entire month in the training with Samyak Yoga in Mysore.