To precisely understand the modern world and human life style, SAMYAK categorises three different perceptions. One in which the world is seen as a market and the life as business. Next in which the world is seen as a battle field and life as a war. Third in which the world is seen as philosophy and the life in it as values. SAMYAK YOGA adopts the third perception as its telescope to view this modern world and every human life. Our vision is to make this world a place where everything in and around every human life becomes a source to achieve the Ultimate Goal which is YOGA in other words UNION of every individual with the Universal source in all levels of existence.

We believe that the yogic life style is the true mean to make this vision come true. We have a vision to develop ‘SAMYAK VISHWA ATMA-YOGA ASHRAM'(SVAYAM)’ where people from all over the world can come together and live under one shelter with a life of mission and vision.

Sadhaks / Aspirants in SVAYAM will lead a life:


  • Where the day begins before sunrise with peace and ends with contentment.
  • Where every child grows with an inner experiment and search for a purpose in life.
  • Where every life will be a guiding source for future generation.
  • Where each mother will be a mother for all.
  • Where each father will be a symbol of brotherhood.
  • Where each grandparent will be an inspiration.