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I never would have imagined the experience I have had with Samyak yoga. Personally, I have little experience with traveling, so going so far from home for an entire month was extremely scary for me.

From the moment I applied to go to the teacher training, everyone at Samyak I interacted with made me feel like I was already part of the family. I always felt like I could email them with any question and would not only get a response within a day or two, but the kindness and love they had was remarkable.

When I arrived in Dharamsala, I was immediately anxious and homesick. We had been traveling for so long and I felt completely out of my comfort zone. I thought "how can I stay here for an entire month?? What was I thinking?"...with those feelings I arrived for our first morning yoga practice...the entire 1.5 hours I tried holding back all the tears...still wanting to run away and hide.

After class we went down for breakfast and our teacher sat next to us and started talking. All my fears, worries, anxieties melted away. I can't describe the love, acceptance, friendliness, and helpfulness that the teachers have shown us the entire time. You trust them immediately and know that all they have for you is love.

You truly are part of their family. You're part of the Samyak family. It feels incredible. I also love that the teachers are extremely down to earth, they are genuine and I feel like anyone can relate to them, which is comforting in itself.

In terms of what I have actually learned...well the amount of yoga we do is phenomenal. There is a morning ashtanga vinyasa class and then an evening vinyasa class where we practice specific asanas that we are having trouble with. I genuinely feel like my personal practice has made one giant leap in the right direction...

I feel like I can have a daily personal practice which I had struggled with having before because I didn't have the knowledge or confidence in what I needed to be doing. I do now. I also have loved the yoga philosophy we have learned. My understanding of yoga as a philosophy and lifestyle is much deeper and I feel excited to really know more about living a yogic lifestyle and how to implement it.

I was able to address so many mental, spiritual and emotional issues I've had in my past and that I currently have now. I can feel my thought process changing with each day.

Finally, Samyak Yoga teaching training program has made me feel so confident in actually being a teacher!

From the second day you are in front of the class, teaching and also learning the proper language, alignment, and how to create an amazing atmosphere for your students.

I have always been one who struggles with being scared to get up in front of a classroom, so to be honest I was dreading the teaching part... haha. But I feel so EXCITED about teaching now.

I believe in myself and that is definitely a remarkable change.

I would 100% recommend Samyak yoga to anyone. It is not only an amazing program but words can't describe the love I have for my teachers.

If anyone wants to know anything else please don't hesitate to message me in Facebook!

Morgan Niccoli
Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Course
June 2014

Morgan Niccoli, United States of America
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Samyak Yoga can take your yoga practice to a deeper level or guide you on the path of becoming a yoga teacher who teaches with ease, confidence,creativity and most importantly always teaches from the heart. ;-)

I had no expectations of what the course would be like, for myself a few days were difficult, emotional and uncomfortable- not just physically but also mentally, those days can get tough but you learn to push through!

I can honestly say those days were easily outweighed by the majority of days that were filled with fun, laughter and the continues support, encouragement and genuine concern for our well-being by the Samyak team and other fellow trainees.

The content of the program is rooted in diversity filling up and covering every possible aspect of yoga.

That gives a insight and deeper understanding into and about yoga. Conducted very professionally but always time for a light hearted joke,some playfulness.

Besides from discovering ourselves through yoga postures and opening this treasure called Yoga - we had the opportunity to have this experience at the foothills of the Himalayas, with its breathtaking views, friendly local people, great hospitality, clean and neat accommodation, new tastes and healthy home cooked meals!

If you are wondering if the program has a spot for you- the answer is yes, our group was so diverse in culture, that was a gift in it self. Meeting and getting to know fellow trainees their view and take on life and yoga, sharing experiences learning from each other and in a way becoming part of the same yoga family. A bond hard to break.

If I can sum the Samyak team up in a few words it would be wisdom, knowledge, inspiring, experience, caring and committed. I will always have gratitude towards them and a thankful heart to this gift they have given me.

Nina De Launge, South Africa
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I had an amazing experience. I am not sure If I could wish for more. All my expectations were 100 % met.

All of you had unique influence on my way of perception. There is a feeling as if I had stepped into Yoga Shala as a child and walked away as an adult.

With all the parented qualities you have managed to build faith and confidence in your students. It can only be done if someone truly believes in it and has a lot of charisma.

Thank you for being my parents, friends and teachers for the last four weeks.

The knowledge and experience you have shared gave me a lot of inspirations. I can start my own journey now knowing that if need any support I can always come back.

The entire course was extremely balanced. There was a time to sing, play, pray, have fun and learn. Awesome time spent with quality.

Thank you again,

Mira (Miroslava Duchnovic), United Kingdom
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"Samyak Yoga teachers are incredibly gifted, knowledgeable and beautiful people.

I count my blessings to have shared this incredible journey with them, and I am forever grateful to them for being so generous with their love and light!

They care deeply about each student, not only in class, but they make sure everyone is enjoying their time and comfortable and content in India.

I felt safe and welcome from the moment I arrived in Dharamsala.

Thanks to Samyak.

Their teachings are a wonderful fusion of spirituality and physicality for both the mind and the body.

Rarely have I been so motivated and so moved as I was in their classes.

Their dedication to yoga and their students is inspiring and I thank them for helping to guide my yoga practice to the next level, taking it beyond just the physical practice to something much deeper.

They are truly gifted, passionate and joyful teachers, and their teacher training program was a bright light in my life for which I will be forever grateful!"

Mary Mandel, USA
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I have just finished my Ashtanga yoga teacher training course.

I did not know what to expect but tried not to ask myself many questions...In fact, it was beyond all expectations. The travelling to India was quiet an adventure, but really worth it!

This past month has been so inspiring, full of emotions, sometimes hard, sometimes challenging and definitely beautiful...The teachers have so much wisdom and knowledge and are so ready and happy to share their love of yoga with you.

I feel very privileged to have met them, as well as my co-students now friends whom have shared this amazing experience. My practice has improved a lot, I also feel grown on multiple levels and will always be a student on a true seeking journey, always looking for something new to learn...that is also what Samyak gave me.

I could not thank Rakesh and Arvind enough for their beautiful work, caring and understanding. I have truly found my path and the teacher within me. I'm very full of gratitude, happiness and love!

My journey with Samyak is just at its beginning, now being part of a family I deeply admire and trust. -

Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Course
June 2014

Maud Pischon, France
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First day after the Yoga Teacher Training ended... I woke up at 6 am in the morning and done 108 Sun Salutations!

I think it shows how much the training has changed me!!!

It was an amazing time here... Four weeks went so fast...

When I discovered Yoga less than an year ago, I immediately felt that it was a big change in my life. It brought back the happiness in my life, and then I decided to find a teacher training to go entirely into it., but never thought that I would be able to teach, or that it would suit me.

But you showed me the opposite. Your patience, pedagogy and passion really warmed my heart. You all four make a great team.

You showed me how much is it rewarding and how much it makes you learn to teach others. I really appreciate how you were attentive to everybody's feelings.

I liked the way you pushed us directly into teaching, when no one among us really thought that he/she would be able to do it. Observing everyone's evolution was really amazing.

The teaching experience at the end to the entire group, the complete class was very good. I liked the fact that we were working in groups. Actually, I don't really like to work in groups normally and I tend sometimes to keep on my ideas and not being flexible.

We had around five meetings in my group among the first one was quite hard as everyone had different ideas about how the class should be. But every time we met, we were more opened to others and we finally really worked as a team, developing the real understanding of others. It was truly beneficial for me.

Thank you for the best month in my life here in Kerala, India.

I hope to meet the Samyak Family really soon again...

Leslie bouvier, France
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I can't even begin to put into words how fulfilling and inspiring this whole experience has been. I feel so connected with each and every person. I feel as if my family is extended by wonderful souls of "Samyak Family". This training was everything more in what I was searching for and I couldn't be more grateful. Thank you for following your dreams in spreading peace and yoga and being able to create a space for all of us to come here to practice Yoga, grow, learn, laugh, love and be inspired. Samyak Family has left a permanent imprint in my heart. I look forward to complete Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in November and being reunited with everyone again.

Love and light
Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training
May 2014

Siya, Canada
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The Yoga Teacher Training Course at Samyak was the BEST investment I have ever made in myself. The Past 28 days have been transformative.

I've grown beyond where I ever thought possible, and I've laughed and made life-long friends along the way.

Samyak Teachers, Arvind, Rakesh and Trupta are skilled, impressive, patient and knowledgeable teachers.

I don't believe that better yoga teachers exist in the world. I feel lucky and blessed to have found them.

With the strong curriculum and their guidance, I now feel confident as a teacher. I'm ready to teach, adjust, and guide my students.

The Course contact, accommodations, environment and care from the teachers all exceeded my expectations.

I had been worried about a language barrier, but this was not a problem at all. Arvind, Rakesh and Trupta speak great English and are very skilled at teaching.

I would recommend this experience to anyone.

In our class, we had students at different levels and everyone got individual attention and left the course satisfied".

Liz Tran Murray, United States of America
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I can't really begin to describe what an amazing and life changing experience this month has been for me.

From the yoga philosophy to the Mysore Style morning all the way to the encouraging feed back given in teaching and practice.

Samyak Teachers have really helped me to open my eyes and unlock my teaching potential.

I look forward to teach whatever i learnt here in Samyak Yoga and be part in the worldwide growing Samyak Yoga Family.

Thank you so much for everything :)

Rose Leighton, Australia
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I am very grateful for the opportunity to study with Samyak Yoga.

I am thankful to all the teachers for being devoted to teaching process, for sharing this beautiful knowledge of Ashtanga Yoga.

Thank you for your open heart, Mind and Frankness. I am fully loaded with practical and theoretical knowledge to teach.

The time which i have spent with you during January 2014 teacher training program left a great impact on my practice and personality.

Thank you so much for everything and I will be back very soon.... :) :) :)

Irina Bhaskakova, Moscow, Russia

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