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* € 1,300

€ 1,200 ** for registration before 1 May 2014. (EARLY BIRD FEE)



* € 1,100


€ 1,000 ** for registration before 1 May 2014.



€ 100 discount applies when you make your deposit to cover the registration fee. If you register three months in advance and we receive your deposit one month before the course starts, the discount no longer applies.




* Your accommodation in a single room with bathroom and toilet

* All Vegetarians – 7th Day is one day off you have the opportunity to taste the local cuisine in traditional restaurants)

* All courses and manuals

* DVD filmed adjustments Postures

Yoga Shala offers yoga mat – It's best to bring your own yoga mat



Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training with us will be a life-sublimating experience. Nevertheless, the training will be an intensive journey that keeps you occupied throughout the course with a well-organized schedule that suites every unique aspirant of Yoga. The classroom filled with vibes of learning would encourage every student to fathom the practice and philosophy of Yoga to its depth. Team spirit during the sessions of teaching methodology, anatomy and art of hands on adjustments would be significantly enhancing the process of learning each posture to its fullest. The same has been acknowledged by our past students and you are on your way to experience the same. Welcome to Samyak Family.



Samyak Yoga Shala

Bhagsu Yoga Temple,

Upper Bhagsunag,



To know the reviews, the certification and registration of Ashtanga Samyak Yoga with Yoga Alliance, USA, visit the link HERE




Our Teacher Training programs strictly follow the requirements listed by Yoga Alliance to certify our participants and prepare them to be the best practitioner and registered yoga teacher. So we have classified our sessions in five categories as mentioned below.



* Practical sessions will be conducted twice every day.

* Morning session will be focused on the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Practice

* Evening sessions will be dedicated for intensive Vinyasa flow with different Asanas included.

* For the first two weeks it will be a led class.

* During the third week Mysore style will be introduced to encourage the participant towards self-practice. In the fourth week, all the students will be well prepared and confident to give a demonstration of their teaching skills.




Teaching methodology sessions focus on:


Beauty and perfection of every Asana depends upon two factors; One being the flexibility and the other is the alignment of different body parts involved in the posture. Flexibility can be achieved with regular practice and for understanding the posture one would need a good understanding of the posture and fine tune the subtle movements required to land in a perfect position.

Art of hands on adjustments

Art of Adjustments is one of the significant fields where Yoga teacher has to work constantly to grow and to keep his/her class unique. Hence we try to explore it with every detail. The importance of encouraging students to continue with a regular practice and preparing them for Mysore style is emphasized.

To KNOW more about art of adjustments CLICK HERE


As a teacher it is most important to know the integral aspects of Yoga postures, its limitations and benefits which in turn will help notice the common mistakes in a posture performed by a student and accordingly make the subtle changes required.

Group class Sessions

To develop the teaching skills we have sessions named 'Group class' which is one of the inevitable parts of the teacher training. Starting from day 2, you will be leading a practical class for a group of fellow participants every day based on the Asanas learned by you. This builds the confidence, tones up the teaching skills and other required criteria to be a Yoga teacher. This class will always be supervised by one of the main teachers and there will be a feedback session after every group class session to improve the quality of the participant's teaching. After building the confidence, skills and other required criteria, you will be taking a class for the whole group in the last week. This prepares you to get ready to teach once you go back.

Yoga Class Sequencing

You will be asked to design a yoga class module based on what you have been practicing under the guidance of a teacher. By practicing the class modules, you will be able to teach your class back home effectively with creativity catering the needs of different types of people coming to your classes.



You will have sessions on introduction to Yoga anatomy, in which we will discuss the anatomical aspects of Yoga practice. It is important to know how to engage/relax the muscles, deepening the stretches yet not injuring ourselves physically and so on. It is also important to understand the structure of our respiration to improve the quality of the breathing by Pranayama techniques. A whole new world of Yoga Anatomy which improves the quality of our Yoga practice will be explored during the Yoga anatomy sessions.



In the lecture sessions you will have a wonderful opportunity to understand the Yoga philosophy from the teachers who have a good experience and knowledge of the same that they gained during 6 years of rigorous study under different yogis and scholars from an ancient system of education called Gurukulam. During these sessions all queries regarding yoga, culture, spirituality and life ethics are welcomed and addressed with due respect. Every participant will have a good basic understanding of Yoga sutras, Ashtanga vinyasa tradition, different styles of practice, eight limbs of Yoga etc…



Tentative Time Schedule

6:30-8:30 – Ashtanga Vinyasa (traditional practice)

10:00-11:00 – Lecture I | Pranayama

11:00-12:30 – Teaching Methodology

12:45-1:30 – Group Classes

4:00-5:30 – Vinyasa Flow (Practice)

5:30-6:00 – Kirtans (Singing)




* Every seventh day (7th, 14th, 21st and 28th of July) of the course will be an off. On 28th we will have the certification ceremony.

* Accommodations can be occupied from 12 noon of 30th of June and vacated before 12:00 noon on 29th of July 2014.

* Stay in the provided accommodation before and after the mentioned dates should be avoided.

* We can help you find another suitable accommodation before and after the mentioned dates on request.

* Food not provided on off -days.

* Flight details (Arrival date, time, terminal, flight name and flight number) should be provided two weeks prior to the travel date.





If you are willing to take a bus journey, we can help you in booking the bus ticket from Delhi to Dharamsala on request. We can book a ticket, scan and send it to you. You can carry the scanned copy of the ticket while you travel from Delhi to Dharamsala.


You can book your flight to Indira Gandhi International airport (DEL). After arriving in Delhi airport, you can take a taxi / bus to reach ISBT (Inter State Bus Terminal). There are plenty of buses starting from the International airport taking you to ISBT.


This departure place, Majnu Ka Tila (A Tibetan colony) is close to ISBT bus station which is the main bus station. You can take a tuk tuk (Rikshaw) to get down at Majnu Ka Tila (inform the driver to get you down near the fuel station).


Majnu Ka Tila is the departure place and it's a night's journey to reach McLeod ganj (Last destination) in the early morning of the next day. McLeod Ganj (it is pronounced like 'mac' 'load' 'ganj'). It is the bus station closer to our yoga studio in Bhagsu. Once you reach there you can take an auto/tuk-tuk to Bhagsu. We will guide you as and when needed, do not worry!! :)



You can take a train from Delhi (NDLS) either to Pathan Kot (PTK), Chakki Bank (CHKB), or Chandigarh (CDG) which are closer train stations having 88km, 95km and 275km distance from Dharamsala respectively. You will have to take a bus / a shared taxi / hire a taxi to reach Dharamsala. To book the train tickets in advance, you can log on to the official website:



The nearest airport is at Gaggal, 15 km southwest from Dharamsala. The Taxi from Gaggal costs around 800 Rupees to McLeod Ganj, and it's around 45 minutes' drive. If direct flights to Dharamsala are not available there are other possibilities to reach here by air: take a flight to Jammu (180 km from us), Chandigarh (240 km from us) or Amritsar (197 km) and then take a pre-paid taxi to McLeod Ganj. You will reach to us within 4 -5 hours. The taxi shouldn't cost more than 4500 Rupees (60-65 €). You can take a flight to reach Dharamsala (DHM) from Delhi airport.


But due to the weather and other factors, they may get cancelled / postponed even in the last minutes. We recommend you to travel by bus which is easy, comfortable and hassle free.



Yoga Teacher Training Course Manuals

Each student will be provided with two detailed & comprehensive Yoga Manuals, i.e. Theory and Practical manuals, which will be used throughout the Yoga Teacher Training and provide for an invaluable tool of reference for the students' career in teaching Yoga & deepening their personal practice.


Highlights of the Theory Yoga Manual include Chanting and the meaning of the mantras with connotations, Meditation Techniques & the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali in Sanskrit with English transliteration and meaning too, Pranayama & Kriyas, Practice and Guidelines, Yoga Anatomy, Nadis, Chakras, Layers of human body and their connections with Koshas, Mudras and etc.



How to Register/ Process

* Please fill out the online Application Form

* The Samyak Yoga team will respond within the next 2-3 working days.

* You can discuss with the teachers regarding the questions you may have.

* Once you know that you have made the right choice, you can make the registration payment through bank transfer/Pay Pal.

* You will be contacted by our accounts dept and inform you the payment procedure.


Payment Options

Deposit instructions and details will be sent to you upon your acceptance.

Payment methods  are PayPal / Bank Transfer / Cash.

The rest of the payment will be due on orientation day.


What to Bring

A dairy that can be used to note down the transformation that takes place within, warm shawl for morning meditation, alarm clock, light rain jacket, sun block, hat, torch light, slippers and sports shoes, comfortable clothes for yoga classes, reusable water bottle.




* Practice Manual

* Theoretical manual

* A bag made of natural fiber to store your belongings

* 2 T-shirts of  Samyak Yoga

* A Jalaneti kit (Kriya)

* A notebook to write your classes and pen



To register, kindly fill out the APPLICATION FORM


Make a payment by Paypal or Bank Transfer


Do not hesitate to contact us for more details contact us



  • Three times a day
  • Multi Cuisine
  • Organic & Vegetarian
  • Clean and hygienic cooking
  • No compromise in quality and quantity

Note: The diet chart during the course has been well planned and suggested by doctors and dietitians. Particularities and allergic to certain food type must be mentioned during registration. Suggestions to change the menu are not encouraged during the course.

  • Single Occupancy with double beds
  • Clean & hygienic environment
  • Washroom with shower and western closet
  • No room services
  • You are responsible for cleanliness of your room after you occupy the place.
  • Wise usage of water and electricity is encouraged
  • No changing of accommodations allowed.

Note: Accommodations arranged by the school are only for the Yoga participants. So expecting luxuries is not encouraged.

Pictures are just a look-alike of the accommodations provided.
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