What you receive


Yoga Mysore, Ashtanga Mysore, Yoga Alliance USA registered Yoga School, RYS 200, Best Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training, Residential Yoga Teacher Training,

  • International Yoga Teacher Training Certification from Samyak Yoga (Yoga Alliance, USA 200+hrs)
  • Eligibility to get registered with Yoga Alliance, USA as RYT 200 hrs
  • Videos and pictures on Art of Hands on Adjustments; a necessary tool for to-be teachers (students has to bring their own USB Key, 16 gigas).
    Videos will be shot during your course which explains how to practice a particular posture with its variations from beginners to the advanced level and how to assist/adjust your student while you teach back home. All filming and pictures will consist Images and Videos of all the postures taught during the course. It will also include the images of Prenatal Yoga, Yoga therapy for back pain and Yoga practices for core strengthening taught during the course. Along with these, the images taken during the orientation day (initiation ceremony), certificate ceremony, some memorable moments, your Jalaneti practice (Yogic cleansing of the nostrils) and etc will be included. These images will carry the life time memorable experience you have enjoyed during the course.
  • Prenatal Yoga Class : Though the prenatal Yoga itself is so vast and requires a special teacher training, we would like you to have a basic understanding of prenatal classes so that you can still take the classes if there is a requirement. 
  • Yoga Therapy for Back Pain : One of the basic need for the Yoga Teachers while you teach back home is to know how to teach for people who have back pain. Back pain has many roots, and reasons to crop up. Hence, we try to introduce the simple techniques which can help you to teach your students the basic yoga therapy for back pain. 
  • Yoga for Core Strengthening : Core strength is something everybody loves to have it. A variety of Yogic postures specifically focused on core strength is introduced so that you can have a beautiful core and teach the core strengthening postures which your students love to practice on the mat.
  • Yogi cleansing techniques (Jalaneti, Trataka) : Yogic Kriyas such as Jalaneti and Trataka are taught which are highly influential in the lives of yogic practitioners. 
  • Art of Adjustments: Adjusting the students is an art. Every psoture has its own technique to adjust and assist. when performed professionally with scientific perspective of Yoga anatomy, it can be an art. Every day we will have the sessions to discuss every posture in detail with its adjustments so that you will be able to master the art of hands on adjustments. 
  • Group classes: You will get to know how to teach only when you teach. In our courses, from the day 2, you will be teaching your group a few postures which are taught previous day and there will be a feed back to improve and enhance the quality of teaching. You will be teaching the entire group a complete session in the last week and get ready to share the wisdom of yoga to the whole world after the course. 
  • Family Support : Samyak Yoga considers every participant as a member of Samyak Yoga Family. We believe that the end of the course is the new beginning of the new yogic life and therefore we will be always available to help you in possible ways even after the course through mail, skype and other channels. Whenever there is a need of support, you can always turn back for other family members (samyak teachers and a wonderful group of past students) to help you. 
  • Yoga Teacher Training Courses for us is not just a physical training. We believe it can transform the lives. It is always our focus to create yogic lifestyle with professionalism in teaching Yoga. If you are looking forward for a course that can change the perspecive of your life in a positive realm, this course is for YOU. 


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