Certified Yoga Teachers Directory of Samyak Yoga

Certified Yoga Teacher’s Directory is a Directory of Students of Samyak Yoga Programs who have successfully completed their Yoga Teacher Training be it in Ashtanga Yoga or in Hatha Yoga or Vinyasa Yoga and certified as Yoga Teachers by Samyak Yoga. Yoga Practitioners from more than 50 nations, an elite group of over 400 students have been able to make into the Yoga Teachers Directory. The growth rate of teaching Yoga after the completion of their Yoga Training at Samyak Yoga has been very fruitful and a huge number of Certified Yoga Teachers of Samyak Yoga Family has been teaching Yoga all over the world. Samyak Yoga proudly presents the Yoga Teachers Directory, the Directory of the world’s finest, professional Yoga Teachers teaching from the Heart with Love and Light.

Yoga Teacher Training does not certify someone as Yoga Teacher after 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. But it certifies or acknowledges the participation of the student in 200 Hours duration’ s Yoga  Teacher Training. 

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    * This Facebook Group is a platform for the certified Yoga Teachers i.e. the members of Samyak Yoga Family to share, ask, discuss and grow in the path of Yoga. The group is not allowed for people apart from Students and Teachers of Samyak Yoga Family.