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In the loving memory of Guruji B K S Iyengar

Guruji B K S Iyengar is no more with us physically. He was not just one of the renowned yoga masters of the world. He was the only one with that stature in the world of Yoga. He was the only yoga teacher with legendary legacy. The void of Sri Krishnamacharya, Pattabhi Jois and B K S Iyengar can't be filled by anybody. But with beautiful 95 years wherein at least 75 years of teaching and practicing Yoga, he has taught the whole generation, the whole world with new light on Yoga. Guruji was one of a kind and we are very much happy to receive his teachings, and even to breathe the same air while he was breathing and to walk on the earth while he was alive physically. 


bks Iyengar


The only way to keep him and all those great yogis alive is to get inspired by them and keep practicing on and off the mat. 


Here is a collection of a few videos which reminds the beauty of  B K S Iyengar's practice and teaching of Yoga. It signs indirectly the definition of a legend. 


Mastery of breath, The power of Pranayama.. This is the video which we normally refer to during the discussion on Pranayama in the Yoga Teacher Training Courses here at Samyak Yoga.



The Beauty and Grace in the practice. This video says a lot more than thousands of words.



The Ultimate Freedom: The precision in his speech and in his practice. The best definition of "B K S Iyengar"


B K S Iyengar talking to CNN – Part 1


B K S Iyengar talking to CNN – Part 2.

He talks about his struggle in the initial days, his wife, the grace in the practice, about "Iyengar Yoga" and a lot more…



Sadhaka: the yoga of BKS Iyengar trailer from Lindsey Clennell on Vimeo.

Author: Samyak Yoga Time: 2014-08-23 11:48:59
Life lessons from Utkatasana…!

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Have you ever thought of the Yogic lessons taught by the postures when we approach them? Postures are the teachers. They are able to give us insights on many aspects of our lives. Just the right perception and willingness to inculcate them beyond the mat will enhance the beauty of our lives…


Let us take a simple example of UTKATASANA, the chair pose. When we are in the chair pose, the knees are bent towards the mat while the arms are extended towards the sky. The difficulty of being in this posture is we are pulled in both the directions. Lets understand the philosophy behind it. The lower part of the body is pulled downwards which can be understood as PAST, whereas the upper part is pulled and extended upwards which is the FUTURE of our life. But you can neither let yourself dwell into the past and end up collapsing on the mat, nor let yourself drop into the future and stand up in Tadasana instead of Utkatasana. It is the balance between the past and the future, that is PRESENT. When I have the right balance in between the two attractions, i.e. Past and Future, I find myself in Present…


When we observe the mental patterns, this is the case most often. We either cherish the memories of the past, or dream about the future. It is an almost impossible to bring the mind to the present state. The mind oscillates from past to future and future to past. While it oscillates, it ends up in being present for moments which we enhance with different techniques such as meditation. Bringing the oscillating mind from past and future, to the present state is the practice of Yoga, which my Utkatasana symbolically explains me…


Every Yoga Posture can be a teacher only if we bring out the student from within…

Author: Samyak Yoga Time: 2014-06-11 22:06:10

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