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About Samyak


Why Samyak?

There are erudite scholars of Yoga with less physical approach on the one hand whereas Yogis believing the physical flexibility as the real essence on the other. Though the academic expertise is highly required, it is half-baked without practice and experience. Practice of Asanas & Pranayama will get new dimensions when the essence of Yogic Wisdom is understood by the seeker. Theoretical and practical aspects are interwoven together. The Samyak team had been thinking to fulfill this emptiness by creating Yoga Teachers who are rooted at the source and blossomed with modern perception.


How Samyak formed:

Samyak Yoga is a brain child of the Samyak team during their studies in Veda Vijnana Gurukulam years back. It was formed by three friends who were then students of Veda Vijnana Gurukulam. After the studies the Samyak team decided to improvise the capability in the field of Yoga and went to get more insights from yogis of different styles. In this journey they had met few yogis of high caliber who stay away from the outer world and have the genuine experience. After few years of sharing the knowledge with the seekers around the world, Samyak team has established the Teacher Training School registered with Yoga Alliance USA.


Samyak Yoga wants to create a platform where in the Yoga Practitioners, seekers and Teacher to share the wonderful wisdom of yoga. Come, join and be part of Samyak family and associate yourself in building the blissful humanity.

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